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Nepal: Three dead after a flight accident at the Himalayan airport

According to "Forbes" it is one of the most dangerous airports in the world: There was a fatal flight accident at Lukla Airport in the Himalayas on Sunday morning. Three people were killed and two others seriously injured.

Airplane collides with helicopters at Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla

The plane of the Nepalese airline Summit Air went off the tarmac when it took off and crashed into two parked helicopters. These were parked on the helipad, around 30 to 50 meters from the runway.

Pictures from eyewitnesses show the demolished machine:

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Three dead in an air accident in the Himalayas

The co-pilot of the plane and a policeman stationed on the helipad died at the scene of the accident, reports the "Kathmandu Post". Another policeman was flown to the hospital in Kathmandu, but died there while being treated.

Two other people, the pilots of the plane and one of the helicopters, were injured in the collision. You are also being treated in the hospital in Kathmandu, but your life is no longer in danger. All those involved are Nepalese.

The helicopters destroyed in the accident belonged to the companies Manang Air and Shree Air. The airport in Lukla is the closest to the Mount Everest base camp. This is why it is the starting point for many mountaineers on their expeditions.