Why do we use Foundation

Apply foundation correctly: These 10 helpful tips will make it work

Foundation tip 1: the right care

Well-groomed skin is the basis for a radiant complexion. Serkan Koc, National Make-up Trainer at Shiseido, advises: "If you also massage the skin care in gently for a moment, you not only increase its effectiveness, but also ensure a youthful, taut contour. It's like jogging for the skin By the way, Japanese women do this every day. "

Foundation tip 2: use a primer

Applying pre-make-up before the foundation is worth it! It not only softens fine lines and wrinkles, but also optimally prepares the skin for them so that the foundation lasts all day.

Need a tutorial? In the "Beauty Basics Bootcamp" we will show you how to optimally apply your foundation and turn it into day make-up that takes less than 15 minutes. Check out the video here!

Foundation tip 3: cleverly distribute the foundation

A foundation should always be spread from the center of the face outwards. "It is best to start in the cheek area and then slide into the outer contours. This is how you get the best and most natural finish and avoid the risk of hard transitions or strong edges forming," explains Serkan Koc.

Foundation tip 4: Work in using circular motions

For a particularly even result, the foundation is applied with circular movements. "Areas that move often or need more coverage can then be tapped with a brush," reveals the expert.

Foundation tip 5: try it out

Do you prefer to use a brush, a sponge or your fingers to apply the foundation? Serkan Koc has a clear answer to this: "In principle, the following applies: Just as it is fun! Applying make-up should be uncomplicated and quick. So why not just try different variants? The finish is a little more opaque with your fingers, with a sponge or Brush it becomes more transparent and even. "

Foundation tip 6: stay on your face

If you apply the foundation up to your neck, you risk unsightly stains on clothing and edges. That is why the make-up should only be applied to the face. Blemishes in the neck area can easily be concealed with a little concealer, then don't forget to powder!

Foundation tip 7: retouching

Got too much makeup? Never mind Serkan Koc reveals how you can quickly make your complexion look a little lighter again: "Go over the foundation with a sponge and dab lightly backwards to 'peel off' excess foundation from the skin. Then gently apply a clean cloth to the face So every mishap can be compensated in no time! "

Foundation tip 8: don't mix

Never mix your day care cream with the foundation. This influences the opacity, texture and thus also the finish. The sun protection factor in the foundation can also be reduced by the lipids in the care.

Foundation tip 9: be careful

Make-up tends to separate itself in small wrinkles. To prevent this from happening, the make-up professional recommends: "Use little product, apply thinly and work thoroughly into the skin. In areas that have heavier wrinkles or facial wrinkles around the eyes, gently smooth the skin and the Carefully dab the foundation on with a brush or sponge. "

Foundation tip 10: don't be too hasty!

A high-quality foundation is quickly absorbed. Nevertheless, you should wait about a minute before applying eyeshadow, blush, etc. Before that, however, a loose powder should be used so that the foundation is set.

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