Why take up all the questions

The interview for your apprenticeship

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There are two main types of questions asked in interviews: questions about yourself and questions about the company you're applying to.

Questions about the company you are applying to:

1. Why do you want to do your apprenticeship in this company?

Read everything you can find out about the company: Does it have a Facebook page? What information can you find on the homepage?

2. What do you know about the company?

Everything you can find information about the company can be placed here. Of course, it is particularly important that you know what the company does and what it makes money with.

3. What do you expect / hope for from the training?

Answer honestly what hopes you associate with the apprenticeship. Is it perhaps the particularly good chances on the job market? Or is training your first step towards a bigger goal?

4. Which area of ​​the training occupation are you particularly interested in?

Take a look beforehand which areas there are in the profession. You can also answer more generally: Explain e.g. B. whether you are more interested in theory or practice and why.

Questions about you and your character

1. How would your sister / brother describe you?

He / she would describe me as quite helpful. I have bailed him / her out many times.

2. Why do you think that you are particularly suitable for the training?

I am sure that I am well suited for the apprenticeship, because I already really like various areas that are part of the apprenticeship.

3. Are you good at dealing with stress?

I even need a bit of pressure and stress to be really good. Often I only became really productive at school when I knew: the deadline is coming soon!