How can I remove blackheads without scars

Who invited them? How to remove blackheads

Blackheads lose their appetite from now on. Because we reveal how to gently get rid of the uninvited guests without causing inflammation, scars and pimples. We also take a close look at well-known home remedies and reveal which ones really help to remove blackheads.

Comedones is the expert term for these small, nasty, black dots that collect so ugly on the nose, cheeks and chin and which we commonly know under the term blackheads and want to remove again as quickly as possible.

From a factual point of view, it is only a harmless blockage of the fine sebum ducts of the skin. But when you look in the mirror, facts are no longer useful: blackheads are annoying - and huge! We want the nasty ones fast Remove blackheads! But as soon as we have expressed them, the next ones come back and often bring their mean colleagues, the pimples, with them.

This leads directly to our 4 steps to remove blackheads.

Black and white comedones - and how they are formed

Blackheads always occur when skin pores are narrowed or completely closed. For example because they are dirty or maybe even horny. Now no more skin oil can escape - a plug is created. Depending on how deep this sebum plug lies below the closed skin surface, it either forms as a closed comedo, which is a hard, bright point shimmers through the skin, or, if it sits high up and comes into contact with oxygen in places, as a so-called open comedo or blackhead.

The black coloring namely occurs where the cell's own pigment melanin reacts with oxygen. But not - as is often wrongly assumed - as the storage of dirt. However, if dirt and bacteria also accumulate on the blackhead, they can cause inflammation and turn the blackhead into a pimple.

Incidentally, pimples can also develop if you improperly try to remove the blackhead. Blackheads usually only become pimples because we tried to squeeze them out of the skin incorrectly. Removing blackheads really has to be learned.

These are the best products to minimize your pores:

Pore ​​Minimizer: The 8 best beauty buys for a refined complexion

Even the best pore minimizers cannot close your pores. OK then! Because without open pores, you couldn't survive long. But good care products can make large pores appear smaller, absorb excess sebum and prevent clogging of the pores and thus blackheads and pimples. These products are our favorite.

Remove and prevent comedones in 4 steps

Preventing blackheads: Regular scratch treatments

1 Anyone who wants to remove blackheads is well advised not to let them arise in the first place. The best way to do this is to keep the surface of the skin and thus the openings of the pore channels free, clean and permeable. In particular, keratinization of the top cuticle can be prevented with regular peelings.

Whether you work with enzymatic or chemical rub-off cures - for example fruit acid peelings - or with mechanical abrasive granules is above all a question of skin type: sensitive skin types are often better advised with chemical peelings.

Do our skin type test:

You should repeat the peeling about twice a week. Mild, chemical peels such as AHA with fruit acids or BHA products with salicylic acid can also be used daily.

Make face mask yourself:

Preventing blackheads: cleaning properly

2 It is also important to avoid pore closure due to the accumulation of skin oil, make-up residues or dirt. Regular, but above all, correct skin cleansing is therefore the be-all and end-all of blackhead prevention. Ideally, the face should be cleaned thoroughly both in the morning and in the evening.

But be careful: thorough washing should not be confused with aggressive cleaning. If you dry out your skin too much while washing, you not only risk keratinization of the uppermost cell layer and thus a blockage of the pore channels. Much more, the skin can dry out and react with an excessive postproduction of sebum.

Excessive amounts of skin oil can also clog the pore channels and thus create blackheads. Therefore, always clean your face in the morning and evening with mild, pH-neutral cleansers and never with water that is too hot.

We can recommend these toners and toners:

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This toner with various herbal extracts can be used in the morning as in the evening.

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Preventing blackheads: more moisture, please!

3 A keratinized skin surface and thus clogging of the pores can also occur if the skin is too dry. Regular and intensive moisturizing therefore prevents blackheads.

Care tips for blemished skin:

A little hint For candidates with very dry skin: Wet the skin with light thermal sprays from time to time to keep the hydronic level constant.

Remove blackheads: this is how it works without inflammation

4 If the unsightly black point has arisen despite all caution, the blackhead must be carefully removed. If you proceed too roughly, you risk inflammation. To the remove blackheads the pores must be opened as wide as possible. A ten-minute camomile steam bath is ideal for this. The heat opens the pores, while the chamomile transports irritant-relieving ingredients into the skin.

Then you disinfect the affected area. Now you wrap a handkerchief around both index fingers and gently squeeze out the blackhead. The sebum plug should emerge from the pore even with light pressure. If the blackhead can be easily removed, it is advisable to change the finger position every now and then when pressing in order to remove the blackhead evenly, completely and without scarring.

Remove blackheads at the beautician

If the blackhead does not come out easily, please stop immediately. Otherwise you risk inflammation and, in the worst case, even scarring. If you have inflamed or blocked blackheads, you should consult a beautician.

Remove blackheads with a vacuum cleaner

In addition to removing blackheads at the beautician, devices such as the blackhead vacuum cleaner should also help to get rid of the black dots. These treat blackheads using a vacuum and simply suck dirt and pus out of the skin.

But be careful: the strong vacuum irritates particularly sensitive skin. Often there is redness, burst vessels and bruises. So it is best to ask a dermatologist for advice before use.

Natural home remedies for blackheads in check

Remove blackheads with lemon juice and sea salt peeling:

A natural peeling that actually makes the skin softer and usually does not irritate.

To do this, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of sea salt and a tablespoon of water.

The effects, however, are no better or worse than any other exfoliator that does its job. Namely to rid your pores of dead horny cells.

You can achieve similarly good results with a homemade scrub made from honey, sugar and lemon juice.

Remove blackheads with baking soda

This old home remedy can actually help remove and prevent blackheads. However, you should not use the usual baking powder, but only pure baking soda.

For the paste, one teaspoon of baking soda is mixed with two teaspoons of distilled water. Then

Then the paste is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin, massaged in thoroughly and rinsed off. In addition to removing the blackheads, this also loosens dirt and excess oils, which cause blackheads to arise.

Remove blackheads with homemade pore strips:

Disgusting but fascinating. Most pore strips have long since disappeared from the market because we all know that they were never really effective. Homemade pore strips made from kitchen paper and egg white also fall into this category.

You soak a strip of kitchen paper with egg white and let the whole thing dry on your nose. Result: disappointing.

Remove blackheads with a mask made of clay and apple cider vinegar:

You can often feel a cleaning effect as soon as you apply it. Because the mask actually helps to clear clogged pores and remove blackheads.

To do this, mix dry clay powder with apple cider vinegar in a ratio of one to one and let the still damp mask dry on the skin.

Of course, these stubborn blackheads come back anyway. However, if used regularly, clay masks help to cleanse and refine the pores. We recommend applying the mask once a week.

Don't feel like making a mask yourself? Then take a look at these clay masks to buy:

Mineral beautifiers: The 6 best face masks with clay

BEST LIST Applied once or twice a week, a good clay mask can dry out annoying pimples immediately, free the complexion from gray haze, prevent blemishes and blackheads in the long term and refine the pores. We can warmly recommend these 10 masks for every skin type.

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