What is the worst quality of your parents

What was the best and worst advice from your parents?

"Get well paid for an internship - or don't do it!" A piece of advice from parents that, from today's perspective, often falls into the "well-intentioned" category, as it is often even unpaid internships that are necessary for the work experience that is often required. The father of this Twitter user advised not to rely on anyone:

Advice from another time

But parents do not only have advice on hand when it comes to professional matters. When choosing a school, choosing a career, financial issues, purchasing decisions or even love issues, parents are there to help and advise their children. Maybe not always helpful, but they do - and often without being asked. And often these unsolicited tips seem as if they had fallen out of time - such as: You shouldn't wear red fingernails, because only "easy girls" do that. When it comes to moral questions in particular, the worlds are sometimes far apart, and it is better to forego parental advice.

Nevertheless, there are some children who are already grown up who consciously seek out their parents when it comes to some questions in life. Sure, they have a little more life experience, have perhaps faced a similar situation themselves and can thus bring in aspects that one had not thought of oneself. But this advice doesn't always turn out to be good. Parents can be wrong too.

What good or bad advice have you already received?

Do you even seek advice from your parents? In which questions can you count on good advice from your parents, where are mother and father mostly wrong? And what advice would you give your child on their way? (probably, May 22nd, 2019)