Which company to choose for an internship

Highly career-enhancing: internships for business administration students

Anyone who studies business administration (business administration) will almost always have to complete an internship. Gray theory is given a little color in the business administration courses - companies and students benefit equally from this.

The compulsory internship has become firmly established in the study regulations for the business administration course. The length of the internship varies depending on the respective study regulations and can easily comprise a whole semester or internship semester.

Experience business administration practically

Those who are interested in business administration and who have perhaps not yet found a field of study will receive an internship as an impetus to plan their career goals. Practical semesters also have a firm place in the course in economics (economics) - the sister discipline of business administration.

The internships are intended to help Bachelor and Master students orient themselves professionally and try out their knowledge in practice. Good internship positions offer business administration students the opportunity to develop themselves further, to get to know strengths and weaknesses, to deepen their knowledge and to prepare for the world of work.

Another plus of the internships is that business administration students can make contact with potential employers in this way. As a business graduate, it pays to build up a personal network at an early stage that you can fall back on after your studies. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the company of your choice as part of an internship before starting a dual course of business administration. Committed supervisors, helpful colleagues and superiors are a strong argument for completing the operational part of a dual study here. This pays off at the latest when the bachelor thesis or master thesis has to be written. Reliable agreements and professional advice make the preparation of the thesis much easier.

First choose the focus and the industry

In order to find an internship, you should consider which topics you are interested in in business administration and in which industry you want to work in the future. In a bank, you have different tasks than in media management, real estate or insurance. If you have already set a focus - for example in logistics, production management, environmental management, quality management, human resources, accounting or marketing - then it makes sense to expand this further.


Internships outside the subject should only be chosen if you are unsure of your professional orientation. HR professionals prefer a clear career path - starting with the choice of internship. Simply changing the focus within economics can be interpreted negatively for you. Conversely, interdisciplinary training can be used.

In order to get the desired benefit from a business administration internship, you should clarify in advance which fields of activity will be assigned to you. If you have problems understanding the internship, for example, you should not hesitate to ask.

Business administration internships with remuneration

Whether and how much you earn in your internship depends on the employer and the type of internship. A full-time internship with a 40-hour week is usually remunerated with 400 to 1,200 euros per month. As a business administration student, you have a good chance of getting a high salary if you sit in at a bank or a management consultancy.

Search and find an internship

If not compulsory, it still makes sense to supplement a business administration degree with an internship. First-class internships in marketing, controlling and sales can be found on your job exchange. Vacant internship positions are also advertised in the daily newspaper, company websites and at universities.