How is the quality of Kate Backdrop

Return Policy

Kate Backdrop is committed to providing the highest quality products to the photography industry.

Please read our return policy:

As usual, when we receive your order, we will immediately place the order for you. If you would like to temporarily change your mind and cancel the order within 24 hours of placing your order, please contact us. We will then help you to check the status of the order. If your order was not created, you will be given a refund. If your order is already in production, we do not accept cancellation. Because we have already paid the material costs for your order. Thank you for your understanding.

We do not accept returns if the items are not damaged upon receipt.

If we send you the wrong item or if you received a damaged item due to our mistake, please contact our customer service ([email protected]) in good time and upload the detailed photos. Many Thanks!

Due to the special nature of background products, we cannot make a second sale. Every order is unique. Thank you for your understanding.

If we are sending you the wrong background, or if you received a damaged background due to our mistake, please contact us. (Our staff will ask for your background photo in order to check for damage or errors from us. Please cooperate with us, thank you!)

You usually have four options:

1 We will provide you with vouchers for the same amount (excluding shipping costs).

2 Resend a new order to you.

3 We do not bear the cost of your return shipping fee. Please contact us for the return address.

4 You keep the item and we will send you a new one, but you need to pay 20-80% of the replacement fee (part of the material fee) and the shipping cost (12-20 euros).

We cannot return or replace your orders because you yourself ordered the wrong background (wrong size, wrong background, or not our fault).

All returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your goods.

All returns of backdrops, photo props and studio equipment must be approved by

Please note:

1 Due to the folding transport, slight folds are normal. Please try ironing and cleaning. Due to the material, the fluff has small scratches on it, which is normal. All you have to do is clean it or iron it. If you can't solve it, please contact us.

2 Our material is microfiber and belongs to towels. Has been recognized by many photographers around the world. Please read our material description carefully before placing orders. We don't support refunds if you don't like our materials.

3 All shipping costs for orders are non-refundable.

4 We don`t guarantee the color is 100% because the different color difference will be slightly distorted by computer calibration. But don't worry, the background color of the computer printing is not an issue.

If our backdrops have any problems, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. If our backdrops do not have any quality problems, we will not be able to return due to the special nature of our products.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone number: + 86-15651975183


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If you do not receive our reply with your email within 2 days, we encourage you to check your spam email. Sometimes this can happen.