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Notarial certification: confirm the authenticity

FAQ: Notarization

What is the notarial certification used for?

This is a certificate with which the notary confirms the authenticity of a signature or copy.

Are certification and certification identical?

No, the notarial certification is a written declaration - for example a contract - drawn up by the notary.

What does a certification cost?

The notary costs you have to reckon with in this case depend, among other things, on the type of certification and the number of pages.

What is real

With a computer, a graphics program and a few clicks, even the worst grades can find their way into the testimony of a model student. Because technology makes it possible to get better and better Copies or edits to create that dated original can no longer be distinguished. A Proof of authenticity of a document can be the notarization represent.

But when is it necessary, a document, or an agreement notarize allow? Which function meets a notarial Signature certification? What is the difference between a public Authentication and a notarial one Notarization? And must be Supervision order be notarized? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

What is a notarial certification?

A notarization is a Certificatewhich confirms the authenticity of a signature or a so-called copy. In general, lawyers always speak of one copyif it is an identical reproduction of a document - i.e. a Copy - acts.

However, the notary confirms the certification exclusively the authenticity of the Signature or copy. The content In this case, however, the declaration or agreement will be learned no legality check. Also a comprehensive one Advice on legal implications of the documents is not required for notarial certification, but for certification this must be in accordance with Notarization Act (BeurkG) by the notary.

They also differ notarial certification and certification also with the formal requirements. Because for the latter there is none Transcript, which reproduces the wording of the agreement, is necessary. Instead, in accordance with Section 39 of the BeurkG, a Certificate from which the Signature and the seal of the notary with a corresponding note. in the Note both the place as well as that date of the exhibition.

Notarial certification: which forms can be distinguished?

As mentioned earlier, a notarization both for one signature as well as for one copy respectively. What are these two forms distinguish and which one purpose we explain each of them below.

The notarial certification of a signature is usually only possible in accordance with § 40 BeurkG if the Signature in the presence of the notary is carried out. This allows the Authenticity of the signature to confirm. This document therefore serves primarily as proof that the signature is in fact by the declaring person originates.

For example, a notarized signature can be used for Declarations to the land registry or that commercial register to be necessary.

The Note for a notarial certification one follows template. The one defined by law formulation in the Signature certification reads as follows:

"I hereby certify the above signature of Mr / Ms [...], born on xx.xx.xxxx, residing in [street, house number, postcode, town]."

A notarial certification can also be used for the Match a copy to be confirmed with the submission. The certification should not be the Authenticity or validity of the original certify. In addition, the original the notary for certification are present.

Such a notarized copy is at Testimonials often necessary. Because now many are demanding Universities such a Proof of authenticity upon enrollment.

In addition to notarial certification, you can also official certifications distinguish. These certificates can be issued by different authorities to be issued. Among them are the Municipal administrations, districts or other administrative authorities. Since the Jurisdiction depending on the federal state and state law vary you should inform yourself in advance from the relevant office.

When can you do without a notarial certification?

In principle, you can for every signature and every document a notarization getting exhibited. However, the question arises as to whether a corresponding procedure necessary or useful is and the associated costs justifies.

For example, there is one General Power of Attorney also without a notarial certification mostly legally valid. Because, in principle, you can make such a declaration informal put on. A notarial certification or certification is necessary, however, if the power of attorney is to authorize you to do so, for example property To make a charge or a sale.

By law, you don't have to do either Care or living will still Power of attorney notarized or notarized. However, going to the notary can certainly do advantages bring, because by doing this you can ensure that all institutions, authorities and banks get the document accept without restrictions.

In addition, you do not have to have a will notarized. Would you like your last will using the services of a notary, for example to counter a possible challenge to the will, it is advisable to draw up one notarial will.

It is also unusual for a Donation to be certified by a notary. Because such a Inheritance during lifetime is usually - as long as no real estate is transferred - without the activity of a notary legally binding. This is true even if you have one Donation Agreement put on.

Would you like your automobile or other assets sell, you should see the terms in one Purchase contract hold tight. Notarize you must have this document though Not. The legislature only writes an appointment with the notary at the Sale of real estate in front.

Notarization for foreign countries and foreign documents

Do you want or need one notarial deed abroad In the event that you also use the authenticity have to have this document confirmed. This is possible either because the notarial certification is a Apostille or by contacting the respective diplomatic mission abroad legalization getting exhibited. Which option is necessary in your case depends on the respective country. Therefore, inform yourself in advance about the legal regulations.

German Authorities accept foreign language documents usually not. Therefore, it may be necessary to have one before a wedding, for example Translate birth certificate allow. However, not everyone is allowed to write such a translation, because usually the services of a sworn interpreter availed of the one notarized translation created.

What are the costs of a notarial certification?

A notarization go with costs hand in hand. How high these turn out to be depends on various factors from. These include:

  • the type of authentication
  • the number of pages (cost of copies)
  • other activities of the notary
  • the business value of the deed

Our examples show the possible costs for a notarial certification:

  • Ms. Müller needs a certified copy of your High school diploma. For this notarial certification one copy Typically fees of 10 Euro at.
  • Mr. Meier is often up business trips. So that his wife can pay all the bills even in his absence, he wants this one Power of attorney To give. He leaves his declaration or signature with Notary certification. For a pure Signature certification can usually cost between 20 and 70 euros attack.
With the ones mentioned here to hum it is about Examples. Beyond that come Expenses for copies, postage and VAT.
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Notarial authentication: confirm the authenticity
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