What are the latest trends in hardware

What is coming, what remains? Hardware trends 2021

In times when there is much more cooking, the kitchen has acquired a new status - it is the linchpin of everyday life at home. And the place where everyone comes together should be beautiful and valuable.

Natural materials, cooking islands that set colored accents, and the Integration into the living space becoming more and more important. And the terrace becomes an outdoor kitchen. Manufacturers have reacted to this and offer modules and complete kitchens in all sizes for outdoor use in the garden or on the terrace. We say: That will remain even after the pandemic!

Investment in quality

Avarice is out: people are enthusiastic about long-lasting things with character and individuality The start-up “Stur” started one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Germany with cast iron pans. That proves the strength of the Quality trends: Customers invest in high quality and durable things.

The search for quality extends into many areas: from furniture to accessories to crockery, which is currently not white and round, but should be in warm colors and hand-made - ideally from a small manufacturer. Grills and espresso machines have long been hand-made and custom-made. Ergo: Avarice is just not great.

The smart kitchen trend

Connected life has long been a reality: intelligent thermostats regulate the temperature independently, kitchen appliances are controlled by app, speakers measure the room in order to produce the best possible sound. Vacuum cleaners that communicate with the air purifier, which tells you when to vacuum, have also been around for a long time - and they are just the beginning.

Revive instead of throwing away

With a growing sense of responsibility for the environment, the no-waste movement is not only a big issue in the kitchen. More and more products are made from things that had a past life and usually end up in the trash or have already arrived there. This is how plastic waste becomes cutting boards or Olive stones for charcoal. Good ideas that will prevail.