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HUSTLER 6-BTV 6 band vertical, 10/15/20/30/40 / 80m

Hustler shortwave vertical antennas for 4, 5 or 6 bands. These antennas have been used by many radio amateurs around the world with great success for years. The special thing about the Hustler verticals is that you can adjust the resonances of the individual bands separately. That works with hardly any other vertical antenna! So you can adapt the Hustler to the local conditions, e.g. if you have to choose a place near the house wall or next to a tree.

The antennas can either be installed on the ground or raised, e.g. on a mast or roof. The manufacturer writes that radials are not absolutely necessary for installation on the ground. That is correct, because the antenna is tuned so that the ground is sufficient as a counterweight in many cases. A radial network will certainly improve the results, but not every OM has the space to lay many radials. The Hustler vertical antennas represent a good compromise even in confined spaces. In the event that radials can be used, WiMo offers appropriate products, see below. Radials are definitely required when the antenna is raised on the roof or on a mast. The Hustler vertical antennas 4BTV, 5BTV and 6BTV are supplied with a solid stainless steel mast bracket. The heater consists of 32mm thick, corrosion-resistant aluminum tubes. All traps are made of fiberglass. The antennas have a screw for direct connection of the coax cable. The length of the antenna cable does not matter. The maximum transmission power is 1000W for all three models.