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You must apply for the replacement driver's license in writing at the driver's license office in your place of residence. You will receive the application form on site or, depending on the offer, can also be downloaded.

Note: You can also submit the application to your municipality of residence, as it has to confirm the personal data to be provided. The municipal administration then forwards the documents to the responsible office.

If the driver's license office responsible for you has not issued your driver's license for the first time, you will need an extract from the driver's license register of the previous issuing authority. You must provide them with your surname or maiden name, first name and date of birth. If available, also include the date of issue and the list number of the driver's license. The register excerpt will then be sent directly to the department responsible now.

For controls (e.g. by the police) you will receive a certificate stating that you have applied for a replacement driver's license. This certificate does not constitute a driving license or proof of driving authorization.

Another person with written authorization can collect your driver's license from you.

Upon submission of all the necessary documents, the competent authority can send you the driver's license by post if you wish. Otherwise, you will be notified that you can collect your driver's license from the driver's license office.

You can request an express order for an extra fee. This shortens the waiting time for the new driver's license. Your authority will provide you with information.