How was PUBG Mobile made

Apple locks Fortnite on iOS - Epic boss praises competitive game passively-aggressively

In a passive-aggressive tweet, the boss of Epic, the company behind Fortnite, praised the competitive game PUBG Mobile. Behind this is probably another cheeky swipe at Apple, which is still in dispute with Epic over the distribution of Fortnite on iOS.

What was said Tim Sweeney is the CEO of Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite. Games like PUBG are therefore competitors. However, Sweeney recently wrote on Twitter:

"While we wait for Fortnite to be liberated on iOS and Mac, here you have another great battle royale game featuring Unreal Engine!"

Tim Sweeney

In the appendix there was actually a link to PUBG Mobile in the AppStore of iOS. But why does the boss behind Fortnite advertise a competitive game that is not nearly as successful as Fortnite, but still attracts a lot of users to the mobile devices?

Epic's unreal engine is essential for many games

This is what PUBG Mobile has to do with Epic: The reason for the CEO's praise in a passive-aggressive tone is probably that PUBG - like many other games - was developed with the Unreal engine. This engine in turn comes from Epic and there are regular updates and adjustments that are made to the engine.

Apple, in turn, threatened at the beginning of the Fortnite iOS crisis to withdraw Epic access to the developer tool on iOS. Sweeney probably wants to denounce with his tweet that this would damage not only Fortnite, but all games with the Unreal engine.

Because without developer tools, the support of the engine and the games based on it would probably be difficult and numerous studios would get in a lot of trouble.

Apple has certainly known that for a long time, but Sweeney continues to fuel the currently raging PR battle against Apple with his tweet. There, Epic causes a sensation almost every week, most recently when a skin was still secretly brought to the iOS Fortnite as the last update, which literally "kidnapped" the boss of Apple.


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