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The bane of the wrong question

There is a prehistory to this book, although this book should actually be the prehistory. "Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events" is a series of books that appeared a long time ago and was even partially filmed. With this book there is now the first part of a new series "My puzzling years of apprenticeship", which in terms of time comes before the ones that have already appeared. Lemony Snicket is stolen from his parents by his future mentor, the detective S. Theodora Markson, even if Lemony claims that they weren't his parents at all. And you will have to solve the first case immediately. They are looking for a missing statue "Die Bordunbestie" and they should promise to return it to its rightful owner. The search begins and Lemony is busy asking the wrong questions all the time. Nevertheless, he is more successful than his incompetent mentor, because somehow they get ahead despite the wrong questions. In their search, they meet the craziest and most bizarre people, starting with the brothers Boing and Quietsch. The two drive their father's taxi, one on the seat to steer, the other below on the pedals, since they are still children and cannot fit behind the steering wheel alone. Unusual locations complete this book. His time as an intern with his mentor begins in the place "Black-from-the-Sea". Admittedly, I found it very difficult to read this book. Lemony Snicket was not known to me until then, so I had to deal with this protagonist for the first time. You have to like this black humor that prevails in the book. Weird figures, errors and confusions do the rest. You have to be able to think outside the box to be able to follow the book. Although I like black humor, I honestly didn't get along with this one. Personally, I found the story exhausting to read. The writing style takes getting used to, it is fluid, but somehow weird, I can't describe it at all. Not only do the individual chapters begin with an illustration in blue, white, black, but one can also be admired in between. These go perfectly with the writing style and the book. Unfortunately, this book is not a closed case in itself; many questions remain open that will be resolved in the next or another of the following parts. I think that's a shame. Unfortunately, the book couldn't really convince me and I'm not sure whether this is really readable for children from 9 years of age.