Will men die out in the future

Is Human Fertility Endangered? Over the past 50 years, the average male sperm count has decreased by about half; Testicular cancer and congenital malformations of the genital area in boys are on the rise. The Danish reproductive medicine specialist Niels Skakkebaek warns that typical male health problems could become just as serious a problem for mankind as climate change.

There are also disturbing developments in the animal world, from the feminization of male fish and frogs to unusual behaviors and anomalies in the reproductive system in alligators and birds. Researchers suspect a common cause behind these phenomena in humans and animals. The affected animals were found to have elevated levels of certain hormones, as if their hormone glands had gone out of joint. Scientists blame chemicals like PCB, DDT and other pesticides, bisphenol A and phthalates for these disorders.

The influence of these substances is dangerous in humans, especially during pregnancy. Not only do they damage the male reproductive system, but they could also be responsible for diseases such as cancer, immune system disorders, thyroid dysfunction, and diabetes - the list of potential health risks is growing.

The film shows the presence of harmful chemicals in the objects we use every day in a terrifyingly clear manner. What are baby bottles made of? How are cosmetics composed? What substances are in the coatings of cans?

If the researchers are right, some changes in our lifestyle and consumption habits will be absolutely necessary in the future. Who will policymakers believe: the warnings from scientists or the soothing words of the industry lobby?