What software is used to hide folders

Windows 10: Hidden! Windows doesn't want you to find these folders

Not all documents and files under Windows 10 are visible to users. Microsoft has hidden some system files. With a few clicks you can reveal these files.

If you are looking for system files, you will find it difficult to find them in Windows. Because the system hides the files by default. With good reason: Because the files are necessary for the smooth functioning of the operating system and should not be deleted or renamed. If you want, you can still display the files with a trick.

Find hidden folders and documents

Some documents should not be found at first glance by other users of the PC. For this purpose there is the option "Hide" in the settings. But how do you find these hidden documents again? To do this, there is the "Hidden content" check box in the "View" tab. Put a checkmark here and hidden folders and documents will be visible. Read here how to make files invisible on the desktop.

Show hidden system files

First open the Explorer and then select the button "Organize, folder and search options". If you cannot see the button there, you will find it under the tab"display"under the button"Options" rightmost.

Now a window opens and here you switch again to the tab "view". Scroll down to the sub-item"Hidden files and folders"and choose"Show hidden files, folders and drives". Click"Take".

Show super secret system files

You can now see almost all of the hidden files. But there are also the super-hidden files. These are still invisible. The reason: Hidden files have the file attribute "Hidden", while super-hidden files also have the file attribute "System". In order to see these files as well, activate the option "Hide protected system files (recommended)"off. Click on"Yes, take over"You will now see the super-hidden files on your hard drive.