Where is Olava the weak in Skyrim

The Dark Brotherhood - Part 2

The Dark Brotherhood

Whisper in the dark
Astird fears a conspiracy Ciceros. You should therefore hide yourselves in the refuge of the Dark Brotherhood in the coffin of the Mother of the Night. There suddenly the mummy speaks to you. Then explain to Cicero and Astrid that you have been chosen by your mother to be listeners. Until Astrid has decided what to think of the story, she sends you back to Nazir for a few assignments. The vampire Hern lives with his companion Hert in the "half moon mill" a little north of the refuge. Better wait until he's alone in the hut so that Hert doesn't stab you in the back. In Morthal you meet in the tavern "Moorblick" on the bard Lurbuk. He sleeps after midnight in his room in the tavern, where you can transport him unnoticed to the afterlife.

Beyond Silence
Astrid has now decided that you should follow the order of the mother of the night. Go to the grave "Volunruud", where you on Amaund Motierre bumps. If you bend down immediately after the entrance, you will find "Heddic's Notes on Volunruud" on the floor, the study of which the Miniquest "Silent Tongues" starts here in the grave. Amaund Motierre performed the Dark Brotherhood ritual in the crypt and is therefore delighted to see you. None other than the Emperor of Tamriel is to be murdered. Return to Astrid with the letter and the amulet. Astrid sends you with the amulet to Rifton to get it Delvin Mallory from the thieves' guild to show. If you are not yet a member of the Rifton Thieves' Guild, you will not yet have easy access through the cemetery. In this case you have to go over the "Rattenweg" to the tavern "Shattered Bottle". The entrance to the Rat Walk is on the lower level of Rifton. Delvin buys the amulet from you and gives you a letter of guarantee that you bring to Astrid. You will receive the next order from her.

Until death do you part
Next it should Vittoria Vici fooling around in solitude during their wedding reception. The celebration takes place in the courtyard in front of the temple. The best position for the assassination is on the parapet above the courtyard. You shouldn't risk a frontal attack, because even without a bow or magic you can easily take out Vittoria from a distance. In addition, you are denied the optional goal. To do this, wait until the bride and groom go out onto the balcony. While Vittoria is giving her speech, you stand behind the gargoyles over the heads of the newlyweds. The statue sits loosely, so you only need to activate it so that it buries the couple under itself. Now all you have to do is escape from loneliness. Don't get involved in endless battles with the city guard, as your bounty will rise to dizzying heights. Anyway, you have to stop the guards Veezara by your side, who reveals himself shortly after the attack. While Veezara keeps the guards busy, you walk on the right side of the parapet towards the tower. In the tower, the spiral staircase leads down to where the City Gate of Solitude is just a few meters away. As soon as you have made it behind the city gate, you can use the fast travel function again to escape.

Overcoming the security measures
After the attack on Vittoria Vici, Astrid sent you to the shelter Gabriella. The emperor's security chief Gaius Maro should be eliminated. Go to Drachenbrugge, from where Gaius sets off on his round trip through Skyrim. If you want to meet the optional goal, you are not allowed to kill Gaius in Drachenbrugge or simply on the street. Every day it reaches a different place. To make the preparations easier for you, you can get the travel route. To do this, you enter the "Outpost of the Penitus Oculatus" in Drachenbrugge. Lies on the table Gaius Maro's itinerary. Now you know exactly where Gaius will show up each day of the week. Particularly interesting for suitable stop locations are the tips in which taverns Gaius will go to rest in the evening. It is possible that he will not go to a room in every tavern. In that case, simply travel to the nearest city according to the route. As soon as Gaius visits his room during the night, you have the best chance of turning him off unnoticed. After the fact, lay the Incriminating letter in Gaius ‘inventory and returns to Gabriella.

Gabriella gives you an interpretation of the future at Olava the weak in Whiterun. Find the old woman on occasion and let her prophesy the future. You will learn about the old Twilight Star Refuge, which will be important later. She will also show you the “Tiefenwaldschanze”, which is followed by the “Hexenende” crypt, where you can discover the final resting place of the legendary assassin. The assassin's grave in "Hexenende" is in the throne room just before the bridge. Pull the handle behind the throne to open the secret room. You will be rewarded with the “Old Shadow Armor” armor set.

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