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Bicycle transport - these cars give you the space you need

Cars for bicycle transport in the interior

In order to be able to present you the best cars for bicycle transport, we refer to a test carried out regarding the size and storage space of vehicles. More than 150 models from different manufacturers were tested in which a bicycle was loaded into the interior for test purposes - or not if there was insufficient space.

The test device is a bicycle with 28-inch wheels and a frame height of 50 cm, a "normal" model for adults. It measures approximately 190 cm in length and 110 cm in height. The test was carried out with the rear seat back tipped over and, in some cases, a dismantled front wheel.

Of the more than 150 vehicles, around 40 models were not sufficiently large. These include various sports and small cars. Much more interesting, however, is the question of the models in which a bicycle can be transported in a car standing or lying down. This list is significantly longer. The best-known and most popular models include the Audi A3, A4 and A6 as well as all SUVs of the Q series, the BMW 1, 3 and 5 as well as the X models, the Mercedes classes A, B, C, E and G. and all models from VW, including the VW Golf, VW Passat and even the sporty Scirocco coupe. But small cars such as a Peugeot 208, a Skoda Fabia or a VW Polo are also suitable as a car for transporting bicycles - even if they are a bit more cramped.

However, we cannot conclusively tell you which is the best car for transporting bicycles inside the vehicle. It is one of those that a bike will fit in the interior. However, the purchase decision also depends on other factors.