What is the correct spelling favorite or favorite

Common misspellings - favorite

The noun "favorite" is often misspelled because it can be confused with the English word. The correct and incorrect spellings are given below:

Through modern media, many people often come into contact with the English language and like to integrate the spelling of English words into German terms, which results in gross spelling errors. One such word is the noun "Favorit", which is written as "favorite" in English and therefore leads many people to incorrectly spell out the German noun. However, this word is not derived from the English "favorite", but comes from the French, where "favori" and the feminine form "favorite" means "favorite" as well as "popular". The French word is derived from the Italian term "favorito" for "beneficiary". The origin of the German term "Favorit", which has been used since the 16th century, therefore specifies the spelling with "o". However, the spelling of this word causes confusion not only in German, but also in English, because while "favorite" is used in British English, the American spelling "favorite" has prevailed.

In German, an often observable imprecise pronunciation also causes the widespread use of the erroneous word "Favorite". Since the "favorite" is often heard as a "favurit", many writers feel compelled to put an "ou" instead of the "o".

Although "Favorite" is a term borrowed from the Romance-speaking world, most people are familiar with the meaning of this word. According to the original sense of the word, a favorite is primarily a person who is a "favorite" or a "favorite" of another person in matters of love or in a professional environment. The favorite enjoys his or her special role with one or more of his fellow human beings as someone who is preferred to others, whom one likes better or who is more trusted. A competitor and a team can become favorites in sport if they have the greatest chance of winning through certain achievements and successes in previous competitions. A politician and a political party can also be favorites in an election campaign.

Examples of correct application
  • The horse 'Emilia' goes today as favourite into the race.
  • favourite being is not always an advantage.
  • Today the two meet with FC F├╝rth and AC Rom Favorites on each other.
Synonyms: Favorite
  • potential winner, front runner, champion