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England climate

England covers the southern part of Great Britain and lies between the 50th and 55th parallel north. It prevails temperate, humid oceanic climate With moderately warm summers and cool winters.

The climate is particularly characterized by the island location and the Gulf Stream, which ensures very mild temperatures even in winter. At the same time, the island location ensures very changeable weather in England. While the summer months are generally cooler than on mainland Europe, winter is usually milder.

in the southwest It is England particularly mild, here the Gulf Stream has the greatest influence. In the southwest, the average maximum temperatures in winter are still around 8 degrees, at night the temperatures tend not to drop below freezing point. In summer, however, it is moderately warm with an average of 18 to 19 degrees in midsummer, at night it is relatively cool with 11 to 12 degrees C.

in the east In England, temperatures rise around two to three degrees higher in summer, but it is also two to three degrees cooler in winter. The absolute maximum temperatures can of course rise significantly higher in summer, and snowfall can also be expected at higher altitudes in winter.

The least rainfall falls on the South coast England, the most in the North in the Lake District, where around 2,000 millimeters come together every year. In some regions in the south of England it is very dry, Essex only receives around 500 millimeters of rainfall per year.


England weather

Weather in London

Weather in England: Temperatures and rainfall for London, England are taken from the website and provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecasts are updated four times a day.


England Best travel time

Winter can be very uncomfortable in England, when most of the rain falls and the sun rarely shines. In addition, the days are quite short.

The best travel times are therefore both spring as well as the autumn called.

in the summer is also for the English High season, at the sea and at sights it can be very crowded.

For visitors from English Gardens or parks recommends the Main flowering time in late spring.

For hikes offer themselves warmer months although weather protection should always be included here too.

Here you will find more information about the climate and the best time to travel in England, as well as specific information about the Climate and the best time to travel to the North Sea as well as for Climate in London.


England climate table

Climate in England (South East): London

Climate England (South West): Plymouth

England climate (central part of the country): Manchester

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