Why do people think BTS is useless

how did you come to BTS?

I haven't been into Kpop for long.

I avoided it because I often heard that the fans were incredibly toxic and unbearable.

When I saw a song by BTS in Trends, I listened to it and thought it was extremely good. So I saw more of them and ended up becoming a Kpop or at least BTS fan.

When I was in the fandom I noticed that "Armies are so incredibly toxic" and "I don't feel like all these 12 year old fangirls" is complete nonsense. Of course there were fans who exaggerate every now and then, but I'm honest ... I've never met such nice people as in Kpop. The people in fandom are sometimes as nice to each other as in a family. I was speechless when I saw that.

And these fans who exaggerate then just seemed like a small bunch that is actually not worth mentioning. I mean ... Army is a huge fandom. So it is clear that there are fans who exaggerate but that is really only a small part of the crowd because they are so loud and the quiet fans who are clearly in the majority simply drown out.

Also, I can somehow understand why BTS fans are so overprotective. With the shit that BTS had to go through, I can understand that a lot of people get angry when they come across some guys who have no plan of anything but think they must have the boys.

But should be enough from my side. How do you feel about Kpop fans? Have you ever had unpleasant conversations / discussions with them?

I have had a lot of good experiences with them.