GameStop employees receive commissions

The salvation: Microsoft involved Gamestop in digital game sales

The recently confirmed cooperation between Microsoft and Gamestop is taking on new dimensions that could greatly assist the retail chain. According to reports, the struggling retailer will be involved in the sale of digital Xbox games. Last week Microsoft announced the collaboration with Gamestop, who want to bring more consoles, games and accessories from Redmond to gamers in the future. To this end, more than 30,000 employees are to be equipped with new office products and Surface devices. The retail chain's eCommerce platform will also be completely converted to Microsoft's Dynamics 365 and the sales channel for the combined offer of console and Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox All Access) will be expanded. What is really interesting, however, is an entirely different deal between the two companies.

Now the first retailer earns money from game downloads

As reported by Domo Capital and Seeking Alpha, Gamestop is to participate in future sales of digital content that is generated with the Xbox consoles they sell. The deal should apply to both new goods and used consoles and be designed for the entire lifetime of the respective hardware. Aside from refurbished and private offers in classified ads, Gamestop is one of the few retailers who offer second-hand consoles. The agreement to share Gamestop in digital sales will apply to classic games, services such as Xbox Live and Game Pass, as well as DLCs and in-app purchases.

Due to the change in sales channels, from physical games to downloads, Gamestop has stumbled in recent years, had to close many branches and only saw a further drop in sales of over 26 percent in the spring. With the upcoming next-gen consoles Xbox Series X, Series S and PlayStation 5 (PS5), there was no improvement in sight, especially since manufacturers with driveless digital editions of their systems are increasingly positioning themselves in the direction of game downloads. Microsoft throws the first lifeline to Gamestop. It has not yet been clarified whether a similar deal can also be entered into with Sony.

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