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5 signs why you should switch industries

Working people who decide to change the industry and thus break new ground as lateral entrants often have to muster a lot of courage to dare to take this step. However, switching to a new industry can give your career a real kick start and enhance daily work with positive feelings and high motivation. But what are the signs that it is time to switch industries?

1. You can no longer represent the industry values

What seemed sensible to you at the beginning of your career may no longer be justifiable for you after a few years of professional experience. Whether it is the corporate values, the ethical orientation of the entire industry or the corporate purpose. Perhaps your company has just moved in one direction and you moved in the opposite direction.

In this case, it can make sense to look around for a compatible industry. However, the prerequisite for making the right decision here is that you have a clear picture of your dream employer and know exactly which values ​​you want to represent.

2. You don't learn a lot anymore

Starting your career in a specific industry doesn't mean ending it there. The learning curve decreases over time and becomes even flatter the higher you rise in the hierarchy. However, Personal Growth won't happen if you do the same things to the same people over and over again.

After all, doing marketing for a bank means something different than marketing a car brand or a media company. To round off your portfolio and broaden your horizons, but above all to increase your professional market value, a change of industry can be a really good decision.

3. You have already achieved everything

Perhaps the sign of a change of industry is also much simpler. In the area in which you work, you have arrived in your desired position and have been working there for a very long time. You know the wishes of your target group, you know exactly what is waiting for you in the annual plan and changes only happen in foreseeable nuances.

In this case, switching industries can give your career a real kick start. There are positions for which one can only qualify with experience from several industries. This not only broadens your horizons, but also lets your creativity flow again. In this way you can adapt the ideas from one industry to the other and consolidate your expertise.

4. Your goal seems unattainable

Maybe just the opposite is the case. You work in an industry that clearly has no problems with young talent and you see your opportunities for advancement dwindling more and more thanks to the many colleagues who are moving up.

For example, are you at home in the popular media industry? The direct way to the top is extremely difficult here and can require a detour via another industry. The expertise from the creative industry can really inspire the areas of business and law and make you a top player. Conversely, you can take the experience from the analytical field with you if you want to return to the media industry.

5. The salary issue

The final sign of a change of industry is actually a very pragmatic one. If you are happy with your job, your position and your work, but your salary leaves a lot to be desired, moving to another industry can work wonders.

Many people still believe that one only works in order to somehow be able to afford life. However, this does not exclude dreaming of a personal desired salary or simply fulfilling the need to be paid accordingly for your work. You may have come a long way in your position, but the salary level in your industry is generally lower.[1] This means that your desired salary is a long way off. You don't have to give up your dream, however.

A quick industry check can help you get the most out of your situation and get closer to your salary expectations. A marketing manager in the transport and logistics sector earns an average of 3,700 euros, whereas the same position in the pharmaceutical industry goes home with around 4,400 euros. Basically, the kununu paycheck has shown that the pharmaceutical industry is the most lucrative industry, ahead of the automotive industry and banking - also in marketing. So maybe there is a suitable job for you in another industry where you can make full use of your salary potential.


[1]Stepstone Salary Report 2019