What should I do with empty pens?

Recycle pens for a good cause

Empty pens, ink cartridges, and felt-tip pens - they usually end up in the trash. The Schleswig-Holstein Nature Conservation Foundation works with partners such as schools, kindergartens and shops to set up collection boxes. The pens collected in this way, regardless of whether they are gel rollers, tip-ex mice or highlighters, go to Terracycle. The company then takes care of recycling so that waste can be turned into valuable material again. In this way, not only the old pens get a new purpose - for example as a watering can or flower pot. The Nature Conservation Foundation also receives a cent from Terracycle for every pencil it collects. This money then flows back into the foundation's nature conservation work. Collecting pens supports nature conservation in two ways!

Take part - collect pens!

You too can take part: Whether school, kindergarten, public institution or shop, anyone interested can take part. We will provide you with the collection box with information about the foundation and the collection campaign free of charge, and we will work with you to organize how the material comes to you and the pens you collect to us. You can reach us by phone on 0431-210 90 101 or by email: [email protected] with the keyword “Recycle pens”.

Further information can be found here: Download

Collection box to make yourself

Sometimes we do not succeed in organizing the transport of the box to you in the most energy-efficient way possible. Then you have the opportunity to make the box yourself. Here you can download the handicraft instructions and the templates for gluing the box.

The illustrator Gregor Hinz drew smart instructions for us to make the box. See for yourself.

Our public collection points

We are delighted that more and more institutions and companies are recycling pens for nature conservation. This is great, because every donation helps the rare plants and animals in our country, such as bees, butterflies and wildflowers, which get a home again through the work of the Schleswig-Holstein Nature Conservation Foundation.

You can see all of our current public collection points on the map at Terracycle.

Here you can hand in pens during the specified opening times. If you have any questions about the public collection points, please do not hesitate to contact us.