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When I was around 13, I overheard my parents talking.

In India every person is born into a certain caste because of their karma. You should show a banner in the fan block with the inscription: Political messages in football stadiums are rare - the statement from the game on Sunday was all the more noticeable: Bayern fans demonstrate against deportations to Afghanistan When I was ten I asked him what I was tell people when they ask about my caste. Outline Original principles and rules Origin and development General information Occupation: strong limitation, occupation depends on the position of the caste Partner choice: Endogamous, within the caste unlikely opportunities for advancement Meals: previously strictly KSHATRIYAS caste system? Sorry, this image isn't available for this license. Banias were originally traders and bankers. My friends come from all sorts of castes, it doesn't make much difference in the city. MANAN VATSYAYANA / AFP / Getty Images) (Image: My parents are traders. It broadly divides society into Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. However, when I'm out and about taking photos, people often ask me my caste or last name. Getty Images / Mohd Zakir) (Photo: In reality, the caste often also determines who you are friends with and who you can marry. This is no longer the case in my family today because large textile companies have taken their jobs away from them. My father later sold sugar cane juice, but he died. A quota system that the government introduced in the 1950s also helped: according to this, "backward" castes and population groups (including indigenous tribes) have a certain proportion of places in universities and public service positions. My family is a member of the Vaishya caste - primarily Händle r. Getty Images / Pradeep Gaur) (Image: We don't really care what caste people belong to. My family is from Punjab, in northwestern India. Please refer to the We had the topic in school. What is it? Getty Images / Mohd Zakir) (Image:

We are Sikhs, our caste is called "Manchanda". What counts today are wealth, salary and education. Gujjars, Jats and Thakurs live in my colony. Getty Images / Ramesh Pathania) (Image: They said, "But you could study. The caste system is one of the main characteristics of Indian society. Getty Images / Sonu Mehta) (Image: Summary. Scholars - Brahmins - are at the forefront, Shudras - mostly day laborers - at the lowest level. Getty Images / Pradeep Gaur) (Image: I've known this since I was around ten years old. They did traditionally “unclean” jobs like cleaning latrines or tanning. India is developing, the people are increasingly educated, something like that shouldn't matter anymore. Getty Images / Saumya Khandelwal) (Image: Getty Images / Pradeep Gaur) My family and I live in Delhi, it's more liberal here. Getty Images / Ramesh Pathania) (Image: This image can't be licensed for personal use (e.g. when I was 15, I asked my father what it was h means and he told me that this has to do with the work we were originally doing. One thing is certain: The hierarchical classification of people in different castes has shaped social life on the subcontinent for centuries and has left deep marks in social, economic and political life to the present day ... Even today, women and men in India demonstrate against a centuries-old order: that Caste system. Where does the caste system come from? They fooled around and joked that we, as Banias, were so stingy. 02/21/2018 By: Aakriti Saran Srivastava Women in India undergoing social change ... caste system in Hinduism • My family belongs to the Kshatriyas group • Untouchability has been banned in India since 1955 •… Getty Images / Pradeep Gaur) (Image:

My caste is called "That".

At that time I asked my father that we had heard about Kasten at school. Originally, they decide what profession a person has. I know a student myself, his father has four cars and he still used his status to get a place at university. FC Bayern Munich football fans demonstrated against deportations to Afghanistan during the game against Darmstadt 98.

Sometimes I laugh about it, but sometimes it makes me angry. The quota system is absurd in my eyes. My brothers and I all sell envelopes and stationery. Getty Images / Mohd Zakir) (Image:

My mother is an interior designer, my father is a financial advisor.

"We heard of discrimination against lower castes, but I've never experienced anything like it. Princes, warriors, higher officials - exact origin unknown - possible: classification by skin color. Only Gujjars have a lot of money, that's why we don't like them. It has previously been bought for a multiple re-use license which is still valid. But I never used it. It should only apply on the basis of economic status. Getty Images / Frank Bienewald) (Image: Copyright © 23/08/2020 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. Caste and Caste System in India An Introduction There are numerous theories about the origin of the caste system in India.

Many are familiar with the diagram of the boxes: a triangle in which four or five social “layers” are stacked on top of one another. Getty Images / Saumya Khandelwal) (Image: He told me that I belong to the group of Other Backward Castes and that I have special access to universities and public service jobs. There are people who take advantage of it.

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