How often do juries get it right

Dieter Bohlen leaves DSDS: His expulsion was just right

Dieter Bohlen was "Germany is looking for the superstar" for almost 20 years. It's hard to say whether there was more planks in DSDS or vice versa. But one thing is certain: the end of this toxic symbiosis is long overdue.

Angela Merkel, Jogi Löw and now Dieter Bohlen: In the social networks, users are already complaining about the end of an era. All three have done their job for a long time, are now quitting. In the case of planks, it is an era that is rightly ending. Since 2002, the East Frisian has been the figurehead of the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Now RTL announced its jury-out, even with "Das Supertalent" Bohlen is out. OK then. The sayings and behavior of the 67-year-old are long out of date and no longer up to date.

Denunciation as a form of entertainment is simply no longer acceptable

"That was great! Super shit!" - Bohlen's sayings in the past few years shone less through ingenuity than through banal meanness. What other formats have long since put aside, is still day-to-day business with "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", even the core of it all. Denouncing and degrading some of the young people in an entertainment show. Bohlen stands for this with his name, like Claus Hipp for compatible baby food. But what the so-called Poptitan launches is rarely well tolerated. On the contrary.

It can be entertaining to make fun of other people. To a certain extent, that's certainly okay too. For example, when the person being laughed at is an artist who intends to do just that, or a person who consciously makes himself a target. However, if it concerns people who are not used to being in public and who actually only want a little attention and recognition, then that is definitely not right. Dieter Bohlen did not understand this until 2021.

"A person as God created him and McDonalds shaped him"

"You are a person as God created you and McDonalds shaped you" or "I think the look is a disaster. You don't look like you imagine a pop star. So in C&A winter clothes from three years ago" - Bohlen goes to where it particularly hurts people who are looking for confirmation in public space. Often, his caustic comments are not aimed at the performance of the would-be superstars, but rather at their appearance. "You have no star appeal. You have nothing. I would love to give you a euro. That's all pity," he once said. But Bohlen has seldom pity.

It has boiled down: no more Dieter Bohlen on DSDS and "Das Supertalent". (Source: IMAGO / ITAR-TASS)

Turning people up, that's supposed to be what Bohlen can do, but strictly speaking, he's probably not even very good at it. Again and again voices are loud telling what is going on behind the scenes. "That's how it really works at DSDS", those who have been hit particularly hard in bashing like to unpack. Bohlen comes across as reasonably quick-witted in the show, but the candidates often not. This is due to the fact that individual scenes are only recorded afterwards. Sayings like "If you sing 3,000 percent better now, you could possibly get shit", Bohlen doesn't even think of spontaneously, but is shot without the presence of the candidates. There is no longer any way for them to react.

It is almost impossible to put Bohlen's repartee skills to the test. As a matter of principle, the Wahl-Kötensener does not give interviews. In fact, we have only known the old white man for 20 years in his accustomed position of power, in which he can decide about the future of young talent. He hardly dares to do anything new. Some time ago he set up an Instagram channel where he shows here and there how he makes the Maldives unsafe in search of the perfect island. Corona pandemic? Not an obstacle for a titan. Basically, Bohlen has never developed any further, and with the times, except perhaps when applying Instagram filters, neither does it.

He always asks young men in DSDS casting: "Do you have a girlfriend?", Never thinking that they might be looking for something completely different. On the other hand, he likes to call young women cute little ones and is happy when they look cute, that's enough. If a lady comes to him cheekily because she doesn't want to be a twinkle or a hedgehog, he often accuses her of not taking the whole thing seriously enough.

Bohlen embodies outdated, macho power

That doesn't go down well with the audience either. Most recently, the season enjoyed a jump, but that could also have to do with the great quake around the scandal in connection with Michael Wendler. Before that, the fuss surrounding Xavier Naidoo also attracted short-term attention to the format. Could Bohlen have fallen victim to an insidious strategy to arouse renewed interest in the format?

Bohlen embodies with his macho power at the expense of others, often weaker ones, a form of entertainment that is simply no longer up-to-date. Of course, the DSDS problem cannot be linked to one person alone. After all, particularly bad candidates are cast together in advance by a whole team so that they can then be denigrated personally by Bohlen in front of the cameras.

But as is so often the case, heads must first roll for a change to happen. In this case it hits Dieter Bohlen and yes - sometimes it actually hits the right person.