What are QuickBooks Categories

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Business & Finance These reports provide a bird's eye view of your company's health and cash flow. They give you a snapshot of your assets, liabilities, and equity, and show income, expenses, and gains or losses over time. Customers & Claims These accounts receivable reports are a great way to find out where you stand on your customer invoices. You can list unpaid invoices and group them in a variety of ways, including by customer, job, and aging status. distribution These reports show what you've sold and who your customers are. You can see your sales by item, customer, or sales rep. Jobs, Time & Mileage You can use these reports to see the profitability of jobs and items, compare job estimates to actual costs, view the time recorded on jobs and activities, and see vehicle miles. Accounts Payable & Accounts Payable These accounts payable reports contain everything you need to know about your unpaid invoices; you can list invoices in a number of different ways, including by supplier and by age status. This category also includes a report on how to determine your sales tax liability. Purchases If you enable Items and Purchases in QuickBooks when you run QuickBooks Setup, these reports show who you bought from, what you bought, and how much you paid. You can list purchases by item or by supplier. A handy report shows all open orders. inventory These reports help answer the increasingly important question, “What items do I have in stock?” You can get a tremendous amount of detail from these reports, such as: B. How many units of an item are available and how many units you have ordered. You can group inventory by supplier or item. If you need price lists, you can print them with a special report from your QuickBooks file. Employee & Payroll These reports, available when you have signed up for any of the QuickBooks accounting options, provide a means of tracking your payroll or reviewing your accounts for payroll. Believe me, these reports are useful. Banking Checks and deposits are listed in these reports. Accountant and Taxes These reports include income tax reports, journal and ledger reports, and a balance from tests. Budgets & Forecasts These reports will show you once and for all whether your budgeting skills are realistic. You can view budgets by order, month, or balance sheet account. Then you can compare the budgets with actual income and expenses. (A budget must already be set up to use this report. list You can use these reports to view your lists in detail. You can include the contacts, phone numbers and addresses of your customer, supplier or, for example, you can create a detailed report of your inventory. Industry-specific Some versions of QuickBooks also provide industry-specific reports under the Industry-Specific submenu. Industry-specific versions for accountants, contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, professional service companies, retailers, and nonprofits. Reports provided QuickBooks provides a Contributed Reports menu item that you can use to develop, and then "contribute" web pages from custom QuickBooks report templates, Intuit and external parties (accounting firms, small businesses, etc.). Custom QuickBooks allows you to create custom summary reports and transactions. Ion lists. You generate these reports by choosing Summary or Transaction Detail from the Custom Reports submenu.