Why do we need arson investigators

Guthmannshausen manor Fire in the conference venue on the right: suspicion of arson confirmed

In the investigation into the fire two weeks ago in the Guthmannshausen manor, the suspicion of arson has been confirmed. The Erfurt criminal police announced on Friday. Adhesions of a black substance were found on steles on the property of the manor, it said. Because a political motive for the arson cannot currently be ruled out, the state security and the Thuringian State Criminal Police Office are also involved in the investigation, according to the Kripo.

For years in the possession of the association "Gedächtnisstätte"

On April 23, a fire broke out in the roof structure of the house, which severely damaged the building. Nobody got hurt. For several years now, the manor has belonged to the "Gedächtnisstätte" association founded by the Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck. According to the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the association agitates against the democratic constitutional state. He had converted the manor into a conference and event venue in recent years.

In the course of their investigations into the fire, the police are also looking for witnesses who may have observed anomalies in the area of ​​the manor.

Also the hot spot in Sonneberg burned down

A few days before the fire in Guthmannshausen there was also a fire in another property used by right-wing extremists. It was the former excursion restaurant "Waldhaus" in Sonneberg. It was completely destroyed by the fire.