Where are Apple data centers located

iCloud: Apple is trying to switch to its own data centers

Apple has not given up on the plan to deliver the data of its increasingly important service business from its own data centers - despite problems in setting up the iCloud infrastructure. Sources of the specialist service The information According to the iPhone group is currently trying to reduce its dependency on suppliers such as Amazon (Amazon Web Services, AWS) and Microsoft (Azure). Apple is currently buying large amounts of server space and cloud connectivity from these companies in order to operate the App Store, iTunes offering, Apple Music and the other online services.

Last week it was announced that Apple should be one of the best AWS customers. The company reportedly spends a double-digit million amount every month and will even increase it, according to the stock market broadcaster CNBC. The information now contradicts this message: Apple is in the process of reducing expenditure and increasingly relying on its own data centers.

Has your AWS spending shrunk?

Apple is said to have spent up to $ 370 million on AWS. However, this value was significantly higher in 2017, according to sources from The information: 775 million. Accordingly, Apple would have saved 50 percent of the costs. The company is currently trying "aggressively" to switch iCloud services to its own servers. One of the reasons should also be that Apple does not really trust the infrastructure of the suppliers. Information from iCloud accounts hosted on Google is said to have been lost due to technical problems. These were photos and other data.

Europe lacks iCloud data centers

Apple's problem with the strategy, which is supposed to have the name "Project McQueen" internally: The company is making very slow progress in setting up its own data centers. Recently there have been reports that the construction of a large data center in Denmark is stalling; a project in Ireland failed last year due to residents' protests. In other regions such as the USA, however, the creation of the iCloud infrastructure seems to be going faster; Apple had also announced investments in the billions in its home market. (bsc)

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