The world is just a cruel game

"A cruel game about a world in which everyone is each other's wolf ..."

The musical theater "Night with Guests" celebrates its school premiere at the Gymnasium am Schloss

Instead of a blackboard, grand piano and teacher's desk, a bright orange, cubist-style peep-box stage with two-dimensional props rose on the auditorium of the grammar school at the castle last Monday - the Saar University of Music was a guest with the music theater "Night with Guests" by Stefan Litwin, which has just been performed , Professor of New Music at the Saar University of Music.

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Peter Weiss, Stefan Litwin realized the Moritat “Night with Guests” as a music theater - just as Peter Weiss favored at the premiere of his drama in 1963, but never implemented it. The music should be “composed through” and “with fairytale instruments”; In addition, Weiss wanted to revive the theater of the Schaubude - the puppet and fair theater - with the play. Litwin's musical language is by no means avant-garde or psychologizing, but very gestural, rough, angular, with slapstick-like elements. The staging by Frank Wörner, professor of singing at the HfM Saar, goes with it: a stylized, two-dimensional game with exaggerated gestures and exaggerated facial expressions. But what was superficially funny, sometimes made the laugh stuck in the throat. Because "night with guests" is "a cruel game about a world in which everyone is each other's wolf, in which everyone kills for profit," said Weiss about his play.

Late in the evening, a stranger breaks into the house of a family - father, mother, two children - and wants to kill the family for no apparent reason. The parents try to save the family's life by offering the guest a gold box lying in the reeds. The father is sent to fetch the box. Meanwhile, the guest begins to take possession of the house and the woman, interrupted by the warner who wants to warn the family of a robber, not knowing that the guest is not the father. When the real father comes back with the supposed box of gold, he is stabbed by the warner and the guest kills the mother. Warner and Gast ultimately kill each other out of greed for the gold. Only the children are left. When they open the box, they only find turnips in it. "Take a few / we can gnaw on them / now that we have such a long way to go," says one of the children at the end.

The pupils in grades 10-12, who were prepared in advance for the performance by their specialist teachers in German and music lessons, provided interesting answers in the artist talk after the performance to Litwin's question as to how the conclusion should be interpreted: man as a child, at some point I was on my own and had to go his own way; the new generation after the war also had to set off with what they had to build a new future. Litwin himself related the play to the refugee situation, in which over 40 million children are currently on the run.
“Night with guests” - a piece that is once again topical and left the students with many impressions back into everyday school life.

Text: Eva Behr
Photos: Jan-Luca Blaß


by admin, November 10, 2016