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Berliner Kurier 04/05/2019

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AfD railed against Marx




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PhD affair

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Experts from VroniPlag Wiki wrote their doctoral thesis

Federal Minister of Family Affairs on 37 percent of the 200 pages of plagiarism

and rule violations discovered. Can you keep it now? PAGE 12









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Bubbles alone

do not change the country

So, so, Kevin has it

seriously meant - with the

Socialization of companies.

After all, that animates them

political debate, otherwise

in the small-small between

Compulsory vaccination and property tax reform

threatens to fray.

It's finally working again

about the fundamentals, from a Marxist point of view

Visible to DIE

Basic question: Who do they belong to?

Means of production?

Now comes the but: if

Boldly bold such phrases in

Umlauf sets, then you have to

more.Politics is allowed

not in the isolation of

Bubbles exhaust on those

Revolution nostalgic

short intoxication. Politics must

Exploring what is feasible

should clarify how his ideas

To bring into harmony is –with

the Godesberg program

his SPD, with the Basic Law

and EU law. He would have to be in

to clarify with your own party,

how it lasts, with

Market economy, property,

state dirigism. And

then he should be at the federal party conference

Organize majorities,

with whom he is his

Socialization fantasies

pours in program form. and

if that fails what

foreseeable, he should go.

Change phrases alone

the world does not.


Alexander Van d.Bellen

Yesterday it was announced

how much the two big ones

Church resignations to be blocked.

Today one starts

Sign against it:


Federal President



of barking

(75) is again





reports the Austrian

"Default". Van der Bellen

is baptized and entered the Protestant community

but early on “out of anger

about my local pastor "

from the church, as he said.

Photo: Stefan Zeitz / Imago Images

So "socialist" is

Germany already

The world of Kevin Kühnert: What is SPD politics already - and where does the Juso boss go too far

Berlin - Kevin Kühnert holds it

SPD on the go. The Juso boss

defended his ideas of socialism

(KURIER reported).

Capitalism is “in too much

penetrated many areas of life ",

he explained to that

"Mirror". Now two

Days later, reported

the SPD leader

to say: “I think

the answers that

Kevin Kühnert gives

wrong ”, so Andrea

Nahles. But what

are the answers

of the Juso boss - and on

which questions?

▶ What about collectivizations

meant? With a view to

BMW spoke of Kühnert

a possible “cooperative

Automobile company ".

In a cooperative

the shareholders decide

(how many there

may be) free about

the goal of the cooperative.

In a classic

Company is

the goal of making profit.

In Germany

there are cooperatives

in the banking sector

(Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken),

in residential construction

or in the


▶ Are there role models

for a “democratic


how she dares


No, there is a democracy

no role models

for a successfully socialized


Companies. The Hypo

Real estate was in the financial crisis

forcibly nationalized

and cost the taxpayer

Billions. But what there is is

Companies in which the

State involved on a larger scale

is. Most prominent example in

Germany is VW.

▶ How are profits so far

distributed? Boldly demands one

"Democratic control" of the

Distribution of profits. Usually

applies: Who the greatest

Holds share, gets too

the greatest profit. In cooperatives

must collectively about

the distribution of profits

Photo: Sabine Gudath / Imago Images


Redistribution of


Expropriation of

Housing groups

Kevin Kühnert

(29), SPD,

Federal Chairman




of companies

(and losses!) decided

become. Profit distributions

usually take place via shares. Indeed

but are only

about 13 percent of the shares in the

Hand of small investors. The

Rest is owned by (international)

Banks, funds or insurance companies.

The "investment wage",

with the employee a part

of their wages in company shares

received, lapses with us

a niche existence and will

hardly any tax subsidies. Just

about 3500 companies practice

the model.

▶ Who do the companies belong to?

More than 99 percent of the

According to statistics, companies are

Federal Office for SMEs

ler, about three million in all

Establishments. Of that in turn

are 90 percent in

Family property. In Germany

are only 450 companies


such as BMW.

These companies do

however high profits

–And the owners, im

Case of BMW the family

Quandt, rich. According to the Bundesbank

own the

richest 10 percent of the

Population meanwhile

55 percent of the total

Fortune. 1998 were

it “only” 45.1 percent.

▶ Who does the property belong to?

Boldly holds

it for "disreputable, with the

Other people's living space

making a living

to earn".

Everyone should just use the apartment

own that he inhabits.

However: only

34 percent of rental apartments

belong great

Corporations. The rest is in

the hands of private individuals

or cooperatives. Only in

Berlin is the relationship (almost)

vice versa.

▶ What do the SPD leaders say?

The SPD had boldly urged

the one he initiated

To lead the debate “offensively”.

SPD leader Andrea Nahles refused

first a statement,

then moved to yesterday:

“You can ask the right questions

and still wrong answers

give. The answers,

that Kevin Kühnert gives, I think

not correct."



BERLINER KURIER, Saturday, May 4, 2019


Spain does not deliver

Photo: Martin Meji / AP

Plauen on May 1, 2019: Supporters of the party “The Third Way” march through the city in an SA-like outfit under police protection.

12,700 violent neo-Nazis

Photo: Carsten Koall / Getty Images

Caracas - a sensational one

Action freed

Venezuela's opposition leader

Juan Guaidó his political

Foster father Leopoldo

López out of house arrest,

who fled to the Spanish embassy.

President Nicolás Maduro

now demands its extradition

- gets however

a rejection.

Refused to eat

Geneva - The UN Human Rights Office

did the abuse

of migrants in

Hungary condemned. In concrete terms

Case is about the

Refusal of food.

The EU country

thereby violate international

Laws and standards,

such a spokeswoman in


Ardern wants to get married

More than every second right-wing extremist is aggressive. Pistorius: "Incredible images from Plauen"

Berlin - neo-Nazi sentiment

coupled with aggressiveness: more

than every second right-wing extremist

in Germany is after

Information from the Federal Ministry of the Interior

violence-oriented. in the

In 2017 it was about

12,700 out of a total of 24,000

People. That comes out of the answer

a request from the FDP

Bundestag parliamentary group.

The domestic policy spokesman

of the FDP parliamentary group, Konstantin

Kuhle urged in the

“NOZ” is therefore a “new concept

against radicalization in

Internet". The Federal Office for

The Protection of the Constitution is investigating

Information from the Ministry

currently several hundred

Profiles and channels of right-wing extremists

Scene. With the

Dissemination of social networks

go a "not to be underestimated

Risk of radicalization "

together, it says in the

Government response.

Lower Saxony's Minister of the Interior

Boris Pistorius (SPD) said

the editorial network

Germany (RND): “We have

only recently in Plauen

simply unbelievable pictures of a

Lift of partly uniformed men

Neo-Nazis with drums,

Torches and Bengalos seen

where the responsible

Administration apparently not too much

has made a great effort

to prevent him in this form.

The numbers are another

Evidence that there is a

Problem with violent

Right-wing extremists there. We must

make sure prevention

against radicalization

important part of the school

Training remains. "

Photo: Rick Rycroft / AP

Auckland - The New Zealand one

Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern wants to get married.

The 38-year-old and her partner

Clarke Gayford

(41) have been engaged since Easter.

It was noticed earlier that

the prime minister one

new diamond ring on the middle finger


Four witnesses against Winterkorn

Fraud allegation: Before the court it could be tight for the former VW boss

Wolfsburg - ImVW emissions scandal

apparently want four

Key witnesses against the former

VW boss Martin

Winter grain statements. They should

to testify in court

that winter grain already before

Announcement of the exhaust gas manipulations

through the

US Environmental Protection Agency from them

knew the report

"Süddeutsche Zeitung", NDR

and WDR. The four witnesses

the indictment should be senior

VW employees and themselves

Be the accused.

Winterkorn got

against disclosure of the

Deceit decided and hoped

the violations of the law

to be able to further disguise

according to the report

one of the central allegations

the prosecution. At the

July 27, 2015 should therefore

three VW employees independently

each other winter grain

about the manipulations

have informed. The former

VW boss always said

he only got in September

2015 from the exhaust gas manipulation


Volkswagen had in September

2015 after investigations

admitted by US authorities,

worldwide in around eleven

Million diesel vehicles

used illegal software

to have. This pressed

the pollutant emissions

Emission tests so that this

appeared lower. The

Braunschweig public prosecutor's office

was charged on April 15

raised against Winterkorn.

Him and four others

Executives will be taking

others a “special

serious case of fraud "


Photo: Common Lens / Imago Images

Martin Winterkorn, the former

CEO of

Volkswagen AG.

AfD employees threaten

Berlin - some of the 130 or so

Employees of the AfD parliamentary group

want a works council

establish how from

an email stating the

NDR, WDR and "SZ" are available.

Recently there were layoffs,

the working atmosphere is bad.

Other factions have

an employee representation.

Night train network

Berlin –The Greens demand

building a European

Night train network.

“We want the night train in

Revitalizing Europe ",

it says in a strategy paper

of traffic and

European politicians that dem

Editorial network

Germany (RND) is available.


The climate helpers

beside the road

The number of street trees

Berlin is shrinking -

since 2005 the number has increased to 71,000

like it, but only barely

38,000 newly planted

the last count were

433,000 pieces registered.

In doing so, they cool them

City by evaporation,

purify the air and offer

Birds and insects

a home. Still is

the amount that Berlin per

Tree and year outputs,

decreased since 2001.

Everywhere in the

City fall

like at the




Treetop summit

The plan with which the Greens want to save our street trees



The Greens want

Berlin greener again

make: the parliamentary group

hits in an eleven point

Plan ahead as the number of street trees

until 2030

450,000 and the

Care of the trees improved

shall be.

First of all, from the double household

2020/2021 to more

Money to be spent: 80

Euros per year and tree should be

get the districts from the country,

to make them more people

use for tree care

can. So far it has been round

40 euros. The MP and

Conservation expert Turgut Altug

indicates that it

2001 were 61 euros.

For 2020 the Senator of Finance sees

Matthias Kollatz (SPD) something

over 48 euros per tree. There

the Greens still have to renegotiate.

To the 80 euros

to come would be according to Clara

Herrmann (Greens), City Councilor for the Environment

by Friedrichshain-

Kreuzberg, in the state budget

14 million euros more for everyone

Districts necessary.

The group wishes that

at least as many in the future

Trees planted as fell

become. This is also supposed to be catastrophic

Weather phenomena

like Storm Xavier 2017

responded. He had 8,000

Street trees destroyed, but

no 2000 were replanted.

Group chairmen

That is why Silke Gebel stated

also that the trees because of

Storms and the one that has persisted since 2018

Drought under one

"Climate emergency" suffer.

Another point they want

Greens enforce that of

Senate taking care of the under

planted during the city tree campaign

Trees in the future ten

funded instead of three years. The

would relieve the districts.

The campaign has been running since 2012.

If through donations from citizens

500 euros came together

are, the Senate gives the

1500 euros to the average

Planting costs of

Reaching 2000 euros.

After in dry summer

In 2018 already trees in one

900,000 euro emergency program

been watered

First aid in the

Körtestrasse for

a tree in

Drought summer


Christian Hönig

watering one in 2018

Tree before

Office of the BUND



BERLINER KURIER, Saturday, May 4, 2019

A flower, in

a tree stump

planted: Stiller

Protest against that

Tree death.

An avenue on the edge of the

Tiergartens: On hot

Daily donations the

Trees walkers

Shade and cool

the air through the

Evaporation of water.

Turgut Altug, Christian

Hönig, SilkeGebel and

ClaraHerrmann (from left)

met to

a tree top.

Photos: Sabine Gudath, Markus Wächter, imago stock & people, imago-images, dpa, camcop media / Andreas Klug,:

should be the rule in the future

financed in a so-called

Summer service happen.

Water companies, fire brigade,

City cleaning, police

and citizens are supposed to be watering

help - Clara Herrmann

had the citizens as early as April

asked again for watering.

The Greens intervene too

Problem on that with the amplified

Promotion of bicycle traffic

goes hand in hand. For

new bike paths should only be in

"Absolute exception"

Tree to be cut down. Rather

parking spaces should be eliminated,

to lead the bike path past the tree

to be able to.

The plan also provides

that felled during construction projects

Trees need to be replaced.

So far, a builder can

help with compensation payments,

which doesn't necessarily have to

Lead new plantings. Nature conservation agencies

should be reinforced

be to protection

of trees to improve. So far

be it because of staff shortages

so that planning of

New buildings too far advanced

are than that you can

to save trees

could stop.

In Berlin's green spaces with

around 470,000 registered

Trees strive for the greens

a "planting offensive". To

In 2021, 1,000 trees are expected per district

be set again. There

brings the fraction orchards

with old fruit trees ins

Conversation so that an "edible

and humming city ”is created.

The parliamentary group introduces itself

that bee-friendly trees

be chosen that of global warming


Other items include a

better digital capture

the trees and their condition,

more transparency for citizens,

when trees are felled

need special care

old trees, sponsorships for

Trees and tree slices as well

a capture of possible

Planting locations in a tree plan.

Here the tree protection

Speaker of the BUND, Christian

Hönig, need for improvement

in paper. The citizens would have to

more involved in planning

become. He also demands

a "spring service",

with that by watering

De-icing salt residues diluted and

Trees are fertilized.



Excursion tips

Wherever you go

Celebrate parties





Honor where honor is due!

Photo: Reginald Gramatte

Xenia Kudela,

24 years old,

operates a


Magazine in



Xenia Kudela (24) is

Student and journalist

and operates together

with a couple of colleagues

an online magazine. you

says, “I've only been here a few

Months on a voluntary basis

active as long as it

'Rawafed' there. "The word

comes from Arabic

and means confluence.

It's the name de

Magazine, the refugee

and locals in Treptow-Köpenick

and Berlin

should bring together. The

Articles are always available in three

Languages: German, English

and arabic. In the editorial office

people work out

different countries. you

himself comes from Poland and

studies Arabic studies. "By

I have a lot of my studies

Contact to the Arab

Culture and see that

Difficulty with it

integration on both

There are pages, ”says Xenia Kudela.

So it is also to "Rawafed"

came. At "Rawafed"

can she bring both together

-the desire

in writing and interest

for the Arab culture.

She says, “I want to

with dissolving prejudices. I

used to have some myself.

Racism is widespread in Poland. "

For their use

she became now from the volunteer

Center "Star Fishers"





Editor: Tel. 030/63 33 11 456

(Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

10969 Berlin, Alte Jakobstrasse 105

Email: [email protected]

Subscription service: Tel. 030/232777

Marxal's bust: Um

the philosophers and

the one named after him

Karl-Marx-Allee there

it political controversy.


Karl Marx

have to go!

Right-wing populists provoke with an attempt to rename the street



Berlin - you have to do one thing

Karl Marx (1818-1883) let:

The sharp-tongued capitalism critic


also in 2019 for eddies.

A political farce proves that

which are now between

AfD and Donut Senate is playing.

The right-wing populists

claim that Marx is a racist

been - and therefore could

the Karl-Marx-Allee

no longer called that. A

Renaming corresponds

today's moral standards.

The AfD MP Franz

Dungeon drives heavy artillery

on: He has with Karl

Marx leafed through and there

actually a few unsightly ones

Expressions found. For

It is a Marx connoisseur

nothing new that the

Philosopher sometimes verbal

Made derailments. But it

sounds natural to today's ears

blatant if he is his

Born in Santiago de Cuba

Son-in-law Paul Lafargue

as "Negrillo" and "Gorilla"

designated. Or if he is Ferdinand

Lasalle, spokesman

the early labor movement,

insulted as "niggery"

and about its parentage

of Jews, Teutons and

"Negroes" speculated.

The AfD has all these quotes

Deputies in a dungeon

Request to the red-red-green

Senate gathered. He

comes to the conclusion:

“In today's moral

Measured by standards

it would be advisable to the Donut

Rename Karl-Marx-Allee. "

Then he pushes the question

after: "What reasons

speak from the Senate's point of view

for not doing this? "

This shows what the AfD

really intended: it assumes

that red-red-green anytime

overlook racism

would when it comes to

a left thought leader goes.

The fact is that politicians from

The SPD, the Greens and the Left, for example

for renaming the

Mohrenstrasse fight - and

also for renaming

of roads leading to German

Named colonial rulers

are. But would red-red

Measure green with double standards,

about the inheritance of Karl

To protect Marx? Or

then prefer to bring yourself to

all controversial street names

to keep?

The traffic administration that

Dungeon after consultation with

the responsible district of Mitte

sent a reply, drew

get out of the affair professionally.

She replied: “For them

Renaming of the Karl

Marx-Allee is currently no

Application before. Hence were

Necessity and possibility

one renaming yet

Not checked."

That names go away

is according to the regulations with the National Socialists

and Stalinists

possible. The elimination of

Street names from that time

before 1933 require that “this

according to today's understanding of democracy

negatively charged

are and retaining

sustainable the reputation of Berlin

would harm ". Could

this is seriously the case with Marx

be? Already in 2009 for the 20th anniversary

the fall of the Berlin Wall

the association of the victims of the

Stalinism for a renaming

the Karl-Marx-Allee

demonstrated. But her then

Request for a

"Street of the Peaceful Revolution"

went unheard.

Brought in August 2016

then the West politician Wolfgang

Steiger from the CDU Economic Council

a renaming

of all roads into play that

Marx or Rosa Luxemburg, for example

are dedicated. The

Time of the "substitute saints of

Communism "is over, so

Steiger back then. The streets

should rather go to CDU

Chancellor Ludwig Erhard named

become. Its social

I also have a market economy

in the east "blooming landscapes"


About the blooming landscapes

in the new federal states

can be argued.

And by the way, also about them

Question how to get the racist

seemingly remarks

by Karl Marx in the overall view

should judge. Private

The philosopher signed letters

often amicable with

"Your Mohr" - and meant by that




Chin Meyer helps

the FDP on its feet



BERLINER KURIER, Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Karl-Marx-Allee

got her name

1961. Before that was called

she Stalinallee.

Photo: Imago Images / Rothermel, dpa

Gregor Gysi and the ghost

the fall of 1989

Berlin –Gregor

Gysi (left) has

a slope to

Problems: That

said Gysi about

Gysi when he was yesterday

Evening under

the motto “The