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What is gender

3. Transgender

According to the underlying definition, all cis people face trans people. We must consequently speak of cisgender and transgender.Transgender are therefore all those people for whom identity, reproduction, social perception and all those aspects that we usually clearly attribute to a gender are not on the same level, i.e. occur in mixed forms.

3.1 Trans men and trans women

"Transsexual" / "Transident"

What used to be called transsexuals or transidentals are, according to the definition, trans men and trans women. This group of people can be described by the fact that so far no biological signs have been found why the midwife's first appearance is not in line with the experience of one's own gender identity. In older publications we read again and again about a development of gender identity and accordingly also about primary and secondary "transsexuals". This differentiation falsely gives the impression that "transsexuality" can actually only occur later. It is highly probable, however, that it is not a development, but an immovable specification that people become aware of in the course of their development (compare also the statements by Monay about education for the identity sex in the 50s and the counter-evidence by Diomand from the mid-90s Years that this is precisely not possible; both USA, on the possibility or impossibility of an identity education and the culturally shaped blinkered thinking of Monay). Above all, humans recognize this aspect, gender identity, only when it runs contrary to expectations through the assigned gender. Trans women and trans men have the "advantage" over other transgender people that they can only be assigned visually and not, as is the case with intersex people, through medical or surgical interventions.

We now have two more genders. The affected people are treated by society as cisgender of the assigned gender before the outing and after the outing as cisgender of the identity gender. But since they were born trans, they remain trans all their lives. Often it is not possible for the affected people to free themselves from the idea of ​​being "cured". Like the remaining 98% of people in the western world (and not only there), they are caught up in the idea of ​​exclusive bisexuality as a natural form of human life.

Human, female identity, (theoretically or practically) fertile;
if the social perception is "woman", then it is a question of one
Trans woman

Human, male identity, (theoretically or practically) childbearing potential;
if the social perception is "man", then it is a question of one
Trans man

The symbols shown only denote those who

1. have made the change from the assigned gender to the perceived gender;
2. are also perceived accordingly by the company after this change;
3. With the change and the reflection, you are now correctly described and comfortable as a person.

The following remarks are an anticipation of the 4th chapter, in which the problems are dealt with even more clearly, but at this point seem to me to be necessary to achieve a certain basic understanding of the problem.

It should first be noted that the currently valid legislation prescribes that prior to legal gender recognition (according to § 8 TSG) it is proven that the person concerned is unable to reproduce. The legal "interim solution" that initially only the first name may be accepted according to the perceived gender (according to § 1 TSG) leads to the situation that such people are assigned to the social gender that the first name expresses in all areas Partnership, penal system and hospital may still be assigned to the assigned gender, or in the case of a partnership even have to be assigned.

But since the lived social role and legal assignment does not change the fact whether a person feels female or male, of course trans women also live among us in the role of men and trans men in the role of women. These trans women are of course allowed to father children who trans men give birth to children accordingly. They are allowed to do so even if they live their perceived gender outwardly and forego legal recognition of the lived gender. There is no law that forbids anyone from living the way they feel. It is people's fantasies and pseudoscientific statements that make people believe that if they live the way they feel, they are sick, perverted, or violate the law. These trans women and trans men who have not yet taken legal action are women of childbearing potential and men of childbearing potential (see introduction "Night of 1000 Questions").

If trans women or trans men have made use of the right to change their first name and if a child is born after 300 days after the recognition of the new first name, according to the perceived and lived gender, the first name change becomes legally binding canceled. However, if a child is born at least one day before the name change becomes legally effective, the change of first name remains legally valid, even if the birth certificate says the father Claudia or the mother Peter.

If transgender people who have only changed their first name want to enter into a partnership, the legal form of the partnership is based solely on the gender assigned. A trans man can only establish a registered civil partnership with a cis woman, correspondingly a trans woman with a cis man. If a trans man wants to enter into a gay partnership with a cis man, and a trans woman with a cis woman a lesbian one, this is only possible in the form of a marriage. The change of first name is then officially declared invalid (and can be applied for again three years later without the marriage having to be dissolved, at least according to the current legal situation).

If a trans man or woman is already married at the time of the name change, the marriage will continue if the partners so wish. The marriage certificate is then even to be changed according to the changed first name in accordance with the prohibition of research in § 5 TSG, so that e.g. "Mrs. Petra" as the husband or "Mr. Klaus" as the wife is to be entered.

After the gender entry in the birth certificate has been changed, trans women and trans men are treated as if they were cisgender before the law.

There is a not inconsiderable number of trans men and trans women who come to terms with their assigned gender in some form, only take part of the possible medical and legal assistance or live in a more or less androgynous form of perception. They are therefore neither more nor less trans than those who decide to completely change their gender role. The claim that "transsexuals", i.e. trans men and trans women, cement the culturally manifest bipolarity of gender is simply wrong. It is just as wrong as the assertion that trans women and trans men who find a form that can be lived individually are not really "transsexual".

3.2 Intersex people

If we open a lexicon for this term, we read there (e.g. in the Großer Brockhaus): "Intersexuality, intersexuality, summary term for deviations between chromosomal, gonadal, inner and outer somatic sex." In the following text, however, in the sense of a medical term, defects and anomalies are generally spoken of. At the end we read: "Intersexuality is the case with hermaphroditism, pseudo-hermaphroditism, feminization or virilization."

Medicine divides intersexuality into a wide variety of syndromes, suggesting that it is primarily a question of clinical pictures for which it can offer a "cure". Medical science completely ignores the fact that intersexuality has always existed, nature or creation, everyone should call it what they can, does not know a classifying demarcation between male and female. This demarcation occurs through us humans and the images that we make of the world. If you now bring all the numbers of the frequency of the "syndromes" represented by medicine back to a common statistical basis and then add the numbers, you get about 936,000 intersex people currently living in Germany.It is one of the "greatest and most dubious achievements" of medicine to hide this fact from the public consciousness.

3.2.1 Hermaphrodites - hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodites are completely bisexual people. In popular usage, they are referred to as hermaphrodites. With them, both sexual systems develop, sometimes completely, i.e. ovaries and testicles, penis and vagina. The existence of these people is already described in ancient mythology and appears in all epochs of contemporary history. As far as I know, the chromosomal sex is described in the literature as male, i.e. XY (which of course, even based on the creative or biological probability, does not rule out the possibility that there are also XX hermaphrodites or hermaphrodites with a mixed set of chromosomes). If we now want to describe it with our representation model, we get:

genital female and male;
feels belonging to both sexes or as 3rd sex;
in the social perception possibly androgynous or indifferent

genital female and male;
feels that he belongs to the male sex;
masculine or androgynous in perception;
Hermaphrodite, male

genital female and male;
feels belonging to the female gender;
feminine or androgynous in perception;
Hermaphrodite, female

genital female and male;
does not feel belonging to any gender;
Perception indifferent;

In the case of hermaphrodites, childbearing ability can be achieved. Feminine hermaphrodites have given birth to children. When it comes to sperm production, it is assumed that it is not sufficient for "self-insemination". The testes produce sufficient male hormones, but usually no efficient sperm. However, it is known that male hermaphrodites fathered children. In principle, it must be assumed that, depending on pubertal development, the form of reproduction that takes effect first is possible. A biological "balance" is only present in the sex hormone balance if female or male sex hormones are overweight (this is the only way to explain why it is possible to achieve feminization or masculinization in trans women and trans men through hormone treatment). In most of the cases I know personally, hermaphrodites were initially assigned male (exceptions, which I also know, confirm the rule). In one case, shown here as an example, a hermaphrodite, initially assigned to be male, but not medically deprived of its dual sex, married and had children. Today, however, these two people, women, still married, live together and would both be able to bear children (only the man and the desire to let a man get close to you is missing). However, a case was also made public in the media in which a hermaphrodite was cheated out of his baby because doctors had claimed that a hermaphrodite assigned and treated to a male could never become pregnant. In my opinion, doctors approved the death of Bettina's baby just so as not to jeopardize their own theories. These doctors claimed that Betina could never get pregnant because she had been treated as male referral for years. In this case, was science acting stupid, ignorant or deliberately inhuman?

3.2.2 Pseudo-hermaphrodites - false hermaphrodites

Medicine understands this term to mean those people who have a gender gonadal, but whose further development leads to an appearance of the opposite sex. One can speak of XX men and XY women according to the chromosome set available. Neither the set of chromosomes nor the further development of humans allow reliable conclusions, especially predictions about the gender of the identity. The upbringing and reflection in society only influence how and whether an undisturbed recognition and life of the gender of the identity is possible.

With this group of people at the latest, it becomes clear that the gender symbolism that is usually used and which I have considered differentiated is not sufficient. The crossbar and arrowhead must also be defined.

developing appearance is female (not the genital but the whole body image)

developing appearance is male (not the genital but the whole body image)

If we now apply the gender symbols again from the point of view of enlargement, we get:

genitally feminine, but develops masculine;
Identity gender female, reflection of society male, however;
female pseudo-hermaphrodite, virilized also known as XX male

genitally masculine, but develops feminine;
Identity gender male, reflection of society, however, female;
male pseudo-hermaphrodite, feminized also known as XY woman

genitally feminine, but develops masculine;
Identity gender male, reflection of society male;
male pseudo-hermaphrodite

genitally masculine, but develops feminine;
Identity gender female, reflection of society female;
female pseudo-hermaphrodite

From the comparison of symbols 6 with 11 and 7 with 12 we see that male and female hermaphrodites cannot be distinguished from male and female pseudo hermaphrodites using the gender symbols. Nevertheless, there are of course four different genders.

3.2.3 Other forms of intersexuality

For all symbols described so far, it was true that the midwife was able to determine a gender by visual inspection at birth or just saw that both genital organs are present. In addition, there are also cases in which the look between the baby's legs leads to a misjudgment or remains ambiguous to determine the gender. For this fundamental consideration, the aim of which was to make it clear that it is neither correct to speak of two sexes or of three, it does not matter what causes this circumstance.

When considering the chromosomal gender, which the population largely believes there is only XX for women and XY for men, it should be noted that there are also XXY, XXYY, XXXY, X0-XY or X0-XX, um to name only the most frequent "deviations". Only if a person allows himself to be as standardized as a screw or an industrial plant can it be allowed to speak of "deviations from the norm" with these other forms of sex chromosome sentences. These people also belong to the group of intersex people. (What was particularly astonishing to me was the finding that science has long known that when the sperm and egg cells combine, the sex chromosome sentences YY, XYY, XY / YY, ... can arise, i.e. sentences with exclusively or predominantly male part. At the same time it could be proven that exactly this constellation is not viable or capable of development. Does the Bible now have to be rewritten, since it has been scientifically proven that the male principle is not viable on its own?

In another group of people, the effects of sex hormones lead to developments that do not fit into a "standardized scheme". These can be hormonal influences in different phases of pregnancy or the lack of receptors for the effectiveness of hormones (such as in sham hermaphroditism). For example, the development of XX men, an unstoppable masculinization of the female chromosome set (referred to by medicine as AGS or late onset AGS). There are also XY women, people who, despite having a male chromosome set, also lead to an unstoppable feminization, despite the male chromosome set, also leading to an unstoppable feminization (medicine speaks of AIS, CAIS and PAIS or uses other names to describe this development, e.g. Lub- Syndrome). A few of these hormonal influences can leave or cause health damage if they are not recognized and treated (but this only applies to about 0.1% of those affected, i.e. about 0.005% of all people).If left untreated, it can affect growth or fertility. There is a high probability that inferences can be drawn from the anamnesis of adult affected people that neither treatment nor non-treatment can influence gender identity.

The body of a baby, its organs and vital functions can be examined and recognized as healthy, sick or disabled (it would be better to safely say that they do not correspond to conventional medical differentiation, i.e. that they have gender ambiguity or ambiguity). Whether a baby comes into this world with a healthy, sick or handicapped soul is beyond our ability to recognize, and later there are also no standards for such an assessment. Gender identity is the secure feeling of belonging to a gender or to recognize that the assignment was wrong or that there is no name for one's own identity because there is no room for it. Any form of surgical correction in the sense of gender disambiguation must be viewed as a cultural mutilation in terms of human rights. During embryonic development, not only external features arise, but also related nerve connections. These are retained even if deviating biological characteristics are removed. Gender-assigning surgery in babies and toddlers is and will remain genital mutilation based on cultural guidelines. Treatment in early childhood with sex hormones, which have only been approved and tested for adults, is serious bodily harm.

Transgender - trans women, trans men and intersex people - unfortunately first have to fight for the space for a decent life. Not everyone can and wants to be assigned to just one side, knowing full well that creation does more than man is ready to accept. With these considerations I stopped differentiating between 12 (in words: twelve) different sexes. Years ago I heard that an American scientist came up with the number 76 while trying to define gender. As early as 1996, Prof. Sigusch, from the Faculty of Sexual Medicine at the University of Frankfurt, spoke of the fact that we probably have over 80 million different genders in Germany, because every person only has his gender, the most personal thing a person can have. No lawyer, politician, human rights activist, doctor, ... has the right to look between the legs of a person and then determine how this person should feel.

It is clear to me that this statement amounts to a "cultural revolution". But if we, every single person, are ready to take ourselves and our right to exist seriously without denying this to other people, then we have to recognize and accept that the previous way of dealing with the question of gender is exclusively a form of distribution of power and submission to power, not but does justice to the real existence of human existence.