How can evolution work without intelligence

Artificial intelligence: will it one day kill us?

Evolution Without Us: Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Us?

In his current book Evolution without us (19.99 euros) Jay Tuck summarizes the results of a two-year exclusive research with German drone pilots and US armaments planners, NATO military strategists and AI researchers.

But what happens if we disregard Charles Darwin's laws of nature and create an intelligent being that is far superior to us? What if we are no longer Darwin's Darling?

It has been known that AI occasionally gets out of hand. For example, the developers of a Microsoft chat program called TAY learned that their AI was doing unpredictable things. TAY was supposed to be Microsoft's answer to Apple's SIRI and Google's ALLO - polite, educated and always up to date. Only a few answers were programmed into it beforehand. TAY was controlled by artificial intelligence and should learn independently.

But TAY ran amok.

Shortly after its launch in February of this year, TAY suddenly started spreading racist slurs across the Twitter universe. TAY spread genocide slogans and wildest conspiracy theories. The community was shocked. And Microsoft had a problem. Nobody could explain where the racist attacks came from. "We had to take TAY offline and make adjustments," said a spokesman. Somebody had taught the Microsoft machine bad things. The software had picked them up.

Experts weren't surprised. Learning software should learn. And that is not always controllable.