How important is a bachelor's degree

Importance: Bachelor’s grade

Importance: Bachelor’s grade
Hey guys,

I would be interested in how important you consider the bachelor's degree if you are aiming for a master’s degree and possibly even a further university career. I have the following reason for this question: I notice more and more that people cross out their exams if they have the feeling that they only barely pass or with a 3, x. These people really care about their grades. I've never seen it so closely myself, as my grades are mostly in the range between 1.7 and 3.0. Do you think it makes sense to do something like that? Or, in your opinion, is the additional effort involved in relation to the importance of the bachelor's degree not worthwhile? Oh yes, I'm studying a science. For us, an average of 2.5 is usually enough to enter the master’s degree.
Cautic  📅 07.03.2013 13:16:30
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
How funny that you are asking that question today

The day before yesterday I sat in the exam (also natural science) and was still wondering whether I should cross it out. I then decided against it. The result came today and I'm more or less glad that I failed.

As you can see, I'm kind of panic about the Bachelor's grade, although I'm also aiming for the Master's. Why?

1. I would like to do my master’s degree at a very specific university and I am not flexible.
2. If the differences are very clear, the employer is sure to wonder what happened.
3. Basics are important, so you should have a good command of them.
4. When you're having a bad day, you don't necessarily want to get the bad grade ...

Errare humanum est, sed in errare perseverare diabolicum.
Esther88  📅 07.03.2013 13:32:09
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
So if you want to start working after your bachelor's degree, then it makes sense to get good grades, since you apply with your bachelor's degree. And if you are still aiming for a master’s degree, then it makes sense to write good grades, since you apply for the master’s degree with your bachelor’s certificate. In addition, there are not enough master’s places for all bachelor’s graduates and you should therefore belong to the best in order to get a place ...

So how you twist and turn it, I can understand that students are worried about good grades ...
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
Cautic wrote:
> 1. I want to do the master’s degree on a very specific one
> Go to university and am not flexible there.

For me that would actually be the only coherent reason to be so fixated on one note.

> 2. If the differences are very clear, will
> Employers are sure to be wondering what is happening
> is.

Yes, but if you are still aiming for a doctorate after completing your master’s degree? Why should the group still be interested in the bachelor's degree?

> 3. Basics are important, so should be
> you can master them well.

That's right, but someone who deliberately crosses out has already learned the basics. He just wants to be able to answer the details very precisely in order to tease the last out of the note. People who just want to persist don't rule out the rule, do they?

> 4. When you have a bad day, you want to
> not necessarily have the bad grade ...

I know. Happened to me once. I had a lot of stress all day, including personal problems, and then I couldn't answer the simplest things in the exam. Nevertheless it was enough for ne 3.3 (it wasn't that I couldn't do anything). But it would have clearly been a better grade! But because of that, cross out and then have to deal with all the things again especially for the follow-up exam, while maybe other exams are pending?

I just annoyed the thought that so many people around me are really thinking about it. This worries me because it gives me the impression that grades are the most important thing in my studies. Until now, I have placed more emphasis on understanding things as a whole, and not just solving very stupid tasks, but leaving out everything "irrelevant". But it doesn't help you in the exam if you know how to derive an equation or how to put it into other contexts.
Anonymous  📅 07.03.2013 13:56:43
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
Hardly depends on the course of study and whether you can afford to leave grades around the 3, x under the circumstances described by my previous commentators.

In my BA course (teacher training, for the master's degree you apply for all three subjects separately), a 3.7 from the first semester and a later 3.0 were almost fatal for me (with all other achievements in this subject I was between 1.7 and at least 2.3) - I only just managed to get my master’s place in this subject. (The required average for the other two subjects was much higher, but luckily I never had any problems).

In any case, it would have saved me a lot of anxiety and trembling if I had been tough enough in the first semester to cross out the 3.7 exam, during which I noticed while writing that it was not going to work, and to start again to rewrite it. (However, I just didn't know at the time that something like that was possible.)

And the pressure of grades in the master’s is even higher.
Cautic  📅 07.03.2013 16:26:01
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
Chilliespote wrote:
> Yes, but if you have one more after your master’s degree
> Aiming for a doctorate? Why should the AG then
> Are you still interested in the bachelor's degree?

I sometimes ask myself that too - but apparently there are also employers who are still picking on their Abitur grade after completing their master's. (That was the case with a friend of mine. He had graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree of 1.2 and 1.1 and was asked why his Abitur average was "only" 1.5.)

> But cross it out straight away and then yourself
> again especially for the follow-up exam with the
> Have to deal with whole stuff while
> maybe other exams are pending?

You should weigh that carefully before crossing out. If you actually only have two days to study for the re-examination, that doesn't help either.

> So far I have rather more value
> insisted that I see things as a whole
> understand, and not just stupid tasks
> solve, but omit everything "irrelevant".

Unfortunately, this is more and more the case with the Bachelor's degree ... When I compare our exams with the old exams, it's simply no comparison.

Errare humanum est, sed in errare perseverare diabolicum.
artless  📅 07.03.2013 17:53:00
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade

with a 1.1 Bachelor I get e.g.

-a Germany scholarship
-can find the master for me
no stress when planning a semester abroad in the master’s (of course you can also take what is left)
-easy to find a very good internship between Bachelor and Master, as well as in the Master
-no problem with BAföG
HR manager  📅 07.03.2013 18:25:57
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
If you have a master’s degree, the bachelor’s grade is actually MORE IMPORTANT than the master’s grade. Why? Well, because the bachelor's degree is much more difficult to achieve than the master’s degree, also because you have to do a lot of subjects in the bachelor’s program that are not "fun". And because the Bachelor has more credit points than the Master.

A look at the bachelor's certificate is much more meaningful than a look at the master's certificate in which the student has only taken subjects that are particularly easy for him ...
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
HR wrote:
> Let's be honest:
> If you have a master’s degree, the
> Bachelor grade actually MORE IMPORTANT than that
> Master grade. Why? Well, because the bachelor's degree is clear
> is more difficult to achieve than the master’s degree,
> also because you do a lot of subjects in your bachelor's degree
> Doesn't have to be "fun". And because of the
> Bachelor has more credit points than the Master.
> A look at the bachelor's certificate is a lot
> more meaningful than a look at that
> Master's certificate by giving the student only subjects
> made it easy for him ...

And is the bachelor's degree more meaningful? I talk to my fellow students very often, and many who got good grades in relevant modules in the semester before won't know the simplest things in the next. This is how it always happens to me, if I only dullly study for an exam, as many others do. The positive thing is that the grades are actually better with this learning method. But if I do it "right", then a lot more gets stuck, I can create links, but I just can't just calculate the tasks down according to the scheme. I don't get baked to combine both for lack of time. That's why I ask myself whether it doesn't make more sense to fall into this typical bulimia study when the bachelor's grade is apparently worth so much ...
Lena  📅 07.03.2013 18:40:16
Re: Importance: Bachelor grade
I often ask myself the same question.
We regularly have exams where a large percentage is crossed out and I have also considered that several times, but so far I have always let it go.
And experience shows that that is a good thing. Our professionals don't like to see that at all! If they find out during the exam, they'll go to the barricades. In the end, the student usually pulls the short one. I haven't heard from anyone who hasn't regretted crossing out.

Otherwise, of course, I am of the opinion that you should work towards the best possible bachelor's cut ... of course.

On artless points:
-Well, there are also other scholarship programs than the Deutschlandstipendium. I am very satisfied with my scholarship and the Germany scholarship is not compatible with it.
- I have not yet applied for the master’s degree, but I believe that in most subjects you can choose the master’s place with an average of around 2.0. I don’t know.
- You don't necessarily have to attend a partner university. If it's not going to be Harvard and co (and "only" a 1.1 bachelor's degree is probably not enough for that anyway) you will surely be able to find your niche somewhere, if you want to do a semester abroad at all. I know few who are interested in one.
- So far, in my free time during my bachelor's degree and before my studies, I haven't had any problems with getting good internship positions. I never had the impression that my grade would be of interest to me.
- I don't get any student loans, but actually thought that student loans were not dependent on grades?

So actually I belong to those candidates who try hard and fast to get good grades (at least when studying), but sometimes believe that the grades are overrated by many students. The only time I've really had to worry about my grades so far was when I was applying to university. When I apply for internships or jobs after my training, I seriously have the feeling that they didn't even look at my certificates. Would they have even noticed if I hadn't even given my certificates? I have no idea, so far I've only been approached about internships and the like, never about grades. And so far I have been extremely lucky that, despite many applications, I have never received a rejection.
Oh, to add: my grades before I started studying were all bad. It took me a little longer to overcome my laziness and learn how to study for exams.