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Why sunglasses make everyone more attractive

Vanessa Brown from Nottingham Trent University took a closer look at sunglasses and came to the conclusion that the glasses take their owner to a new level of attractiveness. She explains that the dark glasses cover asymmetrical areas around the eyes so that the rest of the face is covered obtained such symmetry which is attractive to many people works. In addition, sunglasses define the bones of the face.

Sunglasses spark your imagination

An absolute bonus is the mysterious charm that emanates from the accessory. People judge others especially through their eyes. Since the other person cannot see this, the eye does not reveal any information as a source. At the same time, the imagination begins to work: What does the sunglasses wearer look like behind the glasses?

The expert worked out another point that is attractive to others: As already indicated, the wearer hides behind the sunglasses. In this way, it hides, among other things, possible uncertainties and something vulnerable - components that many can read through the eyes. Since it is more difficult for others to get a clear picture and literally feel in the dark, someone with sunglasses on their nose automatically appears more self-confidentwhat makes you look more attractive to others.

However, other studies also show that people who wear sunglasses are more likely to act dishonestly. At some point the mask should fall and then the sunglasses won't help either. So you shouldn't feel too safe in the pool of anonymity, otherwise the effect will turn negative.

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