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PayPal fees for international money transfers

Difficult to see through fee network

First of all, PayPal distinguishes between personal and business payments. Fees for private payments are generally borne by the beneficiary. Furthermore, between domestic and cross-border payments differentiated. Possible PayPal fees can be:

  • Private Payment Fee
  • Business Payment Fee
  • PayPal PLUS fee
  • Fixed fee
  • Variable fee
  • Domestic Payment Fee
  • Cross border fee
  • Merchant fee
  • Exchange rate fee
  • Micropayment Fee
  • Bulk payment fee
  • Document fee

Fixed fee & variable fees

The following fixed fees apply:

If no fixed fee is charged, variable fees apply.

Cost of sending cross-border payments

For cross-border payments with PayPal, play to determine costs

  • the country of the recipient,
  • the sender's country group and
  • the type of payment (credit, bank account, credit card)

a role. An example:

Fees for receiving cross-border payments

When receiving international transfers via PayPal, the company also charges the cross-border fee in addition to the fee for domestic payments.

Exchange rate fee

As soon as there is a currency conversion for business payments, PayPal calculates the so-called exchange rate fee. It is 2.5% above the buying rate if the seller pays the costs. If the seller does not cover the costs, PayPal will charge the following exchange rate fees as a percentage of the purchase exchange rate:

Micropayment Fee

On request, business customers can switch to fees for micropayments. For domestic payments, the fee is 10,00% plus fixed fee (see below). All other payments (including international transfers) cost 12,00% plus fixed fee (see below).

In addition, these costs apply to international money transfers:

Merchant fee

Dealer fees are only granted upon separate application. A monthly transaction volume, a certain average size of the shopping cart and a complaint-free use of the PayPal account are prerequisites for this. For a monthly transaction volume between € 5,001.00 and € 12,500.00, the costs are 1.70% + fixed fee. From € 25,001.00 it is 1.5% + fixed fee.

Other possible fees

Without going into more detail about the individual fees, you should still know that these fees can also apply to international transfers with PayPal:

  • Document fee (€ 12.00), e.g. B. when a receipt is requested or an order is rejected
  • Fee for failed withdrawals from bank account or credit card

No official fee calculator

The company itself does not offer a fee calculator. Fee calculators available on the internet are developments of external service providers. The data can be incomplete and out of date.

PayPal account opening required

In order to process international money transfers with PayPal, the sender and recipient must have a valid PayPal account. Even if PayPal is available in many countries and 26 currencies are supported, not all international transfers can be carried out with this payment service provider.

Cell phone payments

Cell phone payments are personal payments made between 2 cell phones. The sender cannot decide who pays the PayPal fees. If the payment is accepted, all costs will be charged to the beneficiary.

As of December 2017. You will find the latest figures and a detailed list of fees here.

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