Which video do you have on YouTube

5 tips on how to make it to first place in YouTube search

More than 50 percent of the data volume on mobile devices is used for videos. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption is doubling every year. A third of all online activity consists of video consumption. Become worldwide more than 70 hours of material on YouTube per minute uploaded.

Online videos offer companies numerous opportunities to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and strengthen their brand - but the competition is fierce. In our five tips, we'll tell you how you can still manage to rank high in the search results on YouTube.

I. Interaction is paramount: Get your users to take action

YouTube is not just a search engine, it's one too Social media platform - and thus views, likes, shares and comments are the decisive success factors. A study by the SEO blog Backlinko, in which 65,000 search results and 1.3 million videos were examined, confirms that high interaction rates support the ranking more than anything else:

  • Lots of views, better rankings: Views are one of the most important success factors for videos on YouTube.
  • YouTube honors comments: The study data clearly shows that videos rich in comments can be found higher up in search results.
  • Many shares are good for ranking: The study found that videos that were shared often were higher up than videos with fewer shares.
  • YouTube likes likes: A correlation can also be clearly seen with likes and rankings.

To get your viewers to interact, build Calls to action into your video - just ask users to comment or share the video.

Another goal of many YouTube channel operators is to get as many as possible Subscribers to win - and rightly so, as the study shows: Here, too, the figures show that videos that generate a large number of subscribers achieve better rankings. The good news for smaller channels: Even if channels with a particularly large number of subscribers are often high in the search results, “the little ones” also regularly make it to the front.

If you want your video to get more views overall, loyal subscribers can help you. The online video curation platform Tubefilter spent six months studying the YouTube algorithm using the channels of the US film studio Fredarator.

It came out: the bigger the part of theChannel subscriberswho have favourited a new video in the first two days have seen, the greater the total number of views that the video will achieve. The so-called View Velocity is therefore crucial for the subsequent success of a video. Subscribers who are eagerly awaiting your videos are therefore important: Offer them content they love - you can find more about this in tip V.

II. Length matters: Prefer longer videos for your channel

According to the Backlinko study, the average length of videos on the first page of search results on YouTube is 14 minutes and 50 seconds. It is understandable that YouTube prefers long videos - after all, these increase the length of time users spend on the platform.

Make sure, however, that you don't stretch the video length at all costs - the video has to Interesting up to the last second be. Many formats are not suitable for long videos. So remember: the content determines the length and not the other way around!

III. Keyword optimization is the basis: Help the algorithm classify your video

So that YouTube your video classify content can - the prerequisite for a good ranking in your Youtube SEO - you can provide information about the video optimize for one keyword and one the find the right keywords. To identify the best keyword, you should use a Keyword analysis Perform: To do this, you can, for example, look in the Google Keyword Planner to see which matching keyword is being searched for frequently, get ideas for search terms there and do research on the competition.

If the keyword stands for your video, include it in the Video title, the description below the video as well as the Tags.

If users comment on the video, respond to the comments: This is how you show that you are interested in your viewers and you can also include the keyword here - of course only if the content is appropriate.

IV. Video SEO is a good ranking aid: Integrate the keyword into the video

Ideally, you have already done your keyword research and keyword analysis before the production of the video starts. Because then you can Include a keyword in the video:

  • Integrate it into the soundtrack, i.e. the narration and the original sounds - YouTube recognizes spoken language.
  • If you Text panels or Text overlays in the video, your keyword should appear there too.
  • Name the Video file meaningful and also insert the search term here.

The resolution of your video also plays a role in the ranking: The Backlinko study found that almost 70 percent of the videos on the first page of YouTube search results have a high resolution (HD) to have.

These are also important video elements Thumbnail, so the preview image, and the End screen, that's the board at the end of the video.

The preview image is ideally the eye-catcher in the search results: It should be the Encourage users to click it. Experience has shown that this works best with emotional thumbnails that show a person.

The end screen contains the Call to action: Here you can, for example, ask users to subscribe to your channel. As mentioned in the first tip, videos that generate a lot of subscribers tend to be more successful.

V. It pays to be different: Find a niche and show your personality

For your YouTube success, it is important that you have a niche that either nobody else has filled or that is not as detailed, original and entertaining as you are. When you have found a topic that is successful, stick to it consistently!

Personalities celebrate the greatest successes on YouTube. YouTubers are the stars of today. With the combination of a topic that you do better than anyone else and an interesting personality, you have a good chance of success on YouTube.

Conclusion: The mix of creativity, originality and SEO makes it all

If you're original and give your target audience exactly the videos they want to see, that's half the battle. Video content and YouTube may also play a major role in your content marketing strategy. Because then you will gain loyal fans who watch, like, share and comment on your videos. Add a pinch of keyword optimization and video SEO - and nothing can stop you!

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