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Cashback game money return - educational game

Game description

With this new educational game you can practice the correct way of giving out change. Knowing how much change you get when you pay is important not only for cashiers, but also for customers. As a customer, you should always check directly whether the change you receive is correct. If you play our new cash game regularly, calculating the change will soon no longer be a problem for you. In addition, the game generally strengthens your mental arithmetic skills so that you become better at mental arithmetic on your own. The cashier game is free to play.

The principle of the educational game is simple. You sit behind the cash register and have your cash in front of you. The cash register's digital display shows you how much the customer has to pay. Right next to it you can see how much money the customer is giving you. Now all you have to do is select the correct amount of change from your cash register and, if you do everything correctly, the next customer will follow immediately.

The game is particularly interesting for prospective salespeople and for trainees to become retail clerks, since in these professions a lot of emphasis is placed on the correct return of change. But also for many other trainees and of course for every buyer, the correct handling of money is of great importance.

We hope you enjoy our math learning game.

Difficulty levels of the level

8 tasks have to be solved or 8 customers have to be settled for each level.

Level 1: Easy
- Payment amounts between 1 and 100 euros
- Customer gives bills rounded to 5 euros and 10 euros

Level 2: Medium
- Payment amounts between 1 and 200 euros
- Customer gives bills randomly rounded to 5, 10, 20, 50 euros

Level 3: difficult
- Payment amounts between 1 and 250 euros
- Customer gives notes and coins that are in the euro and cents range slightly above the required amount (cents rounded to the nearest 10)

Level 4: Very difficult
- Payment amounts between 1 and 300 euros
- Customer gives random amounts e.g. 124.00 euros or 124.47 euros (heavy, bills and coins)

Screenshot from the game:

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