How to use Instagram stickers

Easily create Instagram story stickers yourself

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Do you like to share your photos on social media? Then you have certainly not missed the fact that in addition to the GIFs offered by Instagram, you can also create your own individual stickers for your Instagram stories. You can find out how to do this and what you should pay attention to in this post.

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With the Instagram story stickers you can make your uploaded pictures and videos even more interesting and emphasize your own style. These little graphics are a special stylistic device, which is mainly due to the use of Influencers has received a lot of attention. It is no coincidence that most of the stories are now very similar. Many of the influencers with a wide reach are already very successfully selling their own sticker packages. How you can save the money and also unique and your style Create stickers for free, we'll show you in this simple one Step-by-step instructions.

Because the creation of story stickers differs a little depending on the operating system and that Create on Android devices So if something is more complicated on iOS, we will mainly refer to Android in this guide.

Step 1: Swiftkey keyboard

First download the Swiftkey keyboard from the Play Store. You can easily insert your stickers into the story later using this keyboard.

Step 2: Create a sticker with a transparent surface

For your later stickers you will need image files with a transparent background. You can of course create the required PNG files in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. But there are also different ones for this Image editing appsthat allow you to design with a transparent background in just a few clicks.

Use different fonts or graphics to design your individual stickers. Of course, you can also draw your stickers yourself. This works wonderfully, for example, with Adobe Sketch on the iPad.

Step 3: Move self-made stickers

After you've created your stickers, save them as PNG file on your smartphone. So that you can call them up later on Instagram, you first have to save your PNG files to the Screenshots folder move on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 4: Upload stickers to the story

Now open the Instagram app on your mobile phone and upload a photo or video that you want to share with your community. Now go to the text mode via the text symbol Aa in the upper right corner of the formula bar. You have to open the text mode in order to access your Swiftkey keyboard. Above your keyboard you can get to the GIF symbol(Step1) to the pin. Click on the Pin(Step2) in the menu bar. Now you are in yours Sticker collection. Add over that Camera icon(Step3) Now add as many stickers as you want to your collection. Select your sticker with a transparent surface and paste it by clicking on the "Send symbol" (Step4) to your story. Your sticker will then be automatically added to your collection.

We hope you enjoy creating it!

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