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The anagram generator on wort-suchen.de creates one-word anagrams from the letters entered. To do this, simply enter up to 15 letters in the field above and click on "search". Our anagram solver will then automatically display all words that have the same length and consist of the same letters.

Our anagram generator accepts letters in both upper and lower case. Spaces are automatically removed and special characters cannot be taken into account. The results of the anagram generator are sorted alphabetically.

The basis of our anagram generator is the so-called "permutation without repetition". The term permutation means a rearrangement of letters in a certain order, which can only be used once due to the addition “without repetition”. If you do not have to use all the entered letters when creating anagrams, it is best not to use our anagram solver, but our letter salad solver.

The two sides of the anagrams

Regardless of whether a salad of letters or a game of Scrabble makes you ponder: Playing with letters and words is extremely popular, stimulates the gray matter and can even lead to big profits with our crossword puzzle of the week.

Anagrams, however, occupy a special position in the field of word games. When solving a jumble of letters, the question is always at the beginning, but anagrams are just as likely to be solved as they are created. To form words, fantasy and imagination are stimulated, which generate the appropriate associations for the (re) formation of the word. Perhaps the most popular anagram of our time does not come from a magical fantasy world by chance:

It is the name "Tom Marvolo Riddle" from the Harry Potter universe by Joanne K. Rowling, which in the English original is resolved to "I am Lord Voldemort".

From the perspective of the reader or viewer, the anagram reveals the true identity of the character in the novel; the dissolution of the anagram thus leads to a surprising insight and is perceived as an original game with the letters. From the perspective of the author, however, the challenge was to generate a melodious name when creating the character "Tom Riddle" (which, appropriately, has the riddle literally in its name), which can only be formed from a limited reservoir of letters.

The anagram pair "Tom Marvolo Riddle" and "I am Lord Voldemort" is a good example for the definition of an anagram, since the term is often provided with incorrect explanations or examples in everyday language usage.

Anagrams versus palindromes versus ambigrams

Although the terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably, anagrams and palindromes are two distinct terms and, in fact, easy to distinguish from one another. Palindromes (Greek: palíndromos = running backwards) result in the same word when read forwards and backwards. The most famous palindrome is undoubtedly the female first name Anna, to which the band "Freundeskreis", among others, set a memorial in 1997 with the text line "You are from behind as from the front A-N-N-A".

For a word to be an anagram, it only has to use the same letters as the original word. The order of the letters does not matter as long as both words make a lexical sense. Accordingly, NAGEL is an anagram to ALGEN, but the letter combination GLANE is not an anagram, as it cannot be found in the Duden dictionary or in our word list.

Ambigrams are also sometimes equated with anagrams or palindromes, although an ambigram is also defined and used fundamentally differently. Basically, an ambigram is a (typographically) graphically functioning palindrome, i.e. a lettering that results in one and the same lettering after rotation.

As our example shows, it is not necessary that an ambigram also has to be a palindrome. Rather, the graphic implementation, based on the font used and the creative ability of the author, is decisive, whether an ambigram is present or not. We decided on the word “Yeah”, which is not a palindrome (since Yeah and Haey are not one and the same words), but with our serif font it can be mirrored horizontally and vertically so that it results in an ambigram. Our animated GIF file shows what the end product looks like.

Anagrams as an encryption technique

In cryptography (ancient Greek: crypto for "hidden, secret" and graphics for "writing, writing") anagrams have always been part of the well-known arsenal of encryption techniques. Due to the (meanwhile) relatively easy to resolve secret language, anagrams are by no means used nowadays in political or even military operations, but only in a literary or private context.

In earlier times, however, anagrams were seen as an effective means of disguising the actual message. The best example is a sentence by the Italian polymath Galileo Galilei. In a letter to Johannes Kepler in 1610, Galilei wrote “Haec Immatura a me iam frustra leguntur oy” - an anagram to “Cynthiae figuras aemulatur Mater Amorum”, which is in German "The mother of love (= the planet Venus) imitates the figures of the moon goddess (ie the phases of the moon)". (Source)

The background to this cryptic notation is the explosive nature of his discovery: Galileo discovered the phases of Venus through the use of a modern telescope and thus empirically demonstrated the correctness of the Copernican view of the world for the first time. A discovery which, of course, was not without its explosiveness in the times of the Christian, geocentric worldview of the Renaissance.

Other early modern scientists such as Christiaan Huygens, Robert Hooke and Andreas Libavius ​​also made use of the anagrams' coding function. The latter even went a step further and even transposed his name to "Basilius de Varna" in order not to offer any possible opponents of his writings a personal target. Changing your own (or someone else's) name in the form of an anagram is called ananym.

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Funny anagrams - and more for the laughing muscles

The search for anagrams of course also has a certain humorous potential. As soon as you go in search of weird anagrams and start shaking every word, name and term until a new meaning arises, one or the other joking anagram is sure to come out.

In our article on Funny Anagrams, we've put together the funniest word changes for you. And there are quite a few of them! The fact that the anagram “Damen-Po-Arsenal” exists for Pamela Anderson and that Clint Eastwood can be changed with “Old West Action” is of course (un) voluntarily funny. In view of the conditions in Berlin, it is not without a certain irony that “Parliament (s)” is an anagram to “Masterplan”. And our columnist Dominik has a lot to say about master plans.

#masterplan - Dominik's last words

There is always an opportunity to “face palms”.

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