How do I make money with websites

Earning money with your own website - experiences and tips (part 1)

With the expectation of headwinds in Shitstorm strength, I published the post on the income with my blog in 2018. Full of respect for possible negative reactions, I read the first comments and quickly realized that I had a storm-free place. Because the feared headwind did not materialize - luckily. Mostly honest and positive feedback awaited me, coupled with a low loader full of questions. Earn money with your own website or blog is possible and I would like to share my thoughts, tips and tools with you in these and other posts. I think many aspects are illuminated from my unusual point of view. But isn't that exactly what Google is looking for - unusual perspectives?

If you can handle spelling mistakes, want to put yourself in the shoes of someone who never wanted to earn money with their blog and who can survive a pinch of madness and irony, then you are right. Today I will answer the questions about the article and provide assistance from my point of view. In addition, there are five tips for you what you should consider if you use advertising on your site and want to earn money with it. If you like something, take it with you and if you don't, you don't look the gift horse in the source code, okay? (smile) Important: All I am describing are my experiences and insights. This means that they do not have to match the statements made by SEO professionals or content kings.

SEO - optimization - uniformity without having fun?

A cat and mouse game has been held between website operators and Google for years. On the one hand, the search engine thinks up criteria, which, supported by ever smarter artificial intelligence, ensure how websites and posts are ranked ...

... on the other hand, website operators try to find out these criteria and use this knowledge to sneak into Google. After each ranking Being among the top search results means money - so the thinking of many website operators and bloggers. But here we come across the first mistake from my point of view. If everyone wants to make themselves popular with Google by the same means, then there is a uniform mix of website optimizations. There is no question that there are basic etiquette to follow, but you can learn these from your everyday life. Simply pressed into a paragraph it reads:

Be unique! Prove perseverance! Entertain your visitors and add good added value to the page experience! Make sure that you are authentic and pay a little attention to the legibility and structure of your posts!

If you follow this etiquette, you'll be successful in the long run. In my opinion, this beats a lot of SEO tweaks. Possibly not for the moment, but for the medium term. These points ensure that you will not be pushed out or a panda will eat you during a Google SEO update. People want honest, authentic and good content and Google wants what people want. The formula can be that simple. (smile) So before you start counting keywords and comparing them with the latest SEO information -> think of these simple principles. If you do what everyone is doing, then you will not attract attention and you will be lost. Elon Musk, for example, has wasted no thought on optimizing diesel cars. (laugh)

In my Seo practice, many professionals smile because I adhere to these principles. In addition, I make sure that the article title and image title are consistent and match the topic of the article. A little structure through different headings and font sizes doesn't do any harm in the end there is still my secret. The WPSEO plug-in is installed on my blog, which automatically takes care of the most important SEO points. I can also tell from my experience that after the installation the number of organic visitors began to grow visibly. If you have or want to start a young WordPress web project, then take a look. Not only can you test this plug-in for 10 days, but you can take care of your content during that time.

How long will it take to find my page on Google?

One of the most difficult questions to answer because, in my opinion, a lot of parameters are responsible for the searchability in Google. Getting found in general is pretty easy. After a few days or a few weeks you will find your homepage in Google, but unfortunately on page 1000 in the search results. Especially if the page is unspecific (become financially free) you will initially look for a revival in Google's data nirvana. If you go into a niche (teddy bear upbringing) then that catapults you into the top regions on Google, which does not automatically mean a lot of traffic and income.

The question is: when do you get into the top search result regions? This is where Google is interested in sustainability and change. An article with content can still be so good if the web page has not yet been trusted by Googleit will not be found that quickly. It really makes a difference whether I publish a post on a young or established site. In the second case, you will be ranked significantly higher if the content is identical.

The more established and older your site is, the more often Google will scan it for news. I wrote a post early on and it took a few days before I could be found with the appropriate search terms. It currently happens that a post is visible in the results a few minutes later. Of course, Google may have changed over the years and generally read posts faster, but I am convinced that Age and good content make a big difference. At it took almost two years before I had the secure feeling for the first time that something was happening or that more and more visitors were coming. Although I had installed WPSEO after about 1.5 years. So there was (probably) a symbiosis.

To measure visibility for Google, I use the SISTRIX visibility index. Simply enter the URL and wait for the result.

With new pages it takes a long time until there is a 0.001. But then you can speak of a visibility of your page for Google for the first time. Google messes with you. (laughs) The fact is here.

The longer I post regularly and keep my site happy, the more the visibility increases.

How Much Should I Pay for a Website?

People want to set up an online business and are already saving on the provider and the server costs, ultimately relying on a backyard hoster. (smile) It doesn't really go together. Preferably free of charge and with all features, so the wishes.

There is nothing against making a comparison before you decide on hosters and co, but in the end you should treat yourself to quality here. Proven providers, server locations in Germany / Europe and good support are, in my opinion, the fundamentals. For safety and speed reasons alone. Since the Speed ​​is a ranking factor for Google, it can be advisable to make the comparison before you decide on a provider. Sites like web hosts with the fastest loading times give you guidelines and save you a lot of optimization work. (smile)

Even if modular systems such as WIX and promise you a very comfortable creation of websites, these offers quickly reach their limits. Often they cannot be expanded in the way that is needed later or the “correct” costs start in the second year or when installing additional functions. These homepage construction kit variants are definitely great for the simple beginner ... if larger projects or an online business are your goal, then look for the "right" hoster.

In general, a good website should be worth at least as much a month as a pack of cigarettes or a hamburger.

Of course, with appropriate services. I have been satisfied with Host-Europe * Top for almost 15 years. I can't remember a moment when my pages were down and the support is great. At the moment I like to pay a little over 20 euros for the quarter.

Are niche sites still worthwhile today?

I'm not a friend of these highly specialized sites because they have a bitter aftertaste for me. For a long time the subject was addressed incorrectly. Through a lot of research and analysis, a niche was sought with which a lot of money can be made. True to the motto:

I want to earn money with the laptop on the beach - which niche makes me rich?

After a gold niche was found, the associated website was created and the money-making business also worked in a few (few) cases. The conflict lies in the question: "Is the page just created because it's about money, or is the topic a real passion?" Often the answers were in favor of the former. This is not only a shame, it does not bring any fun or success in the long run. I can warmly recommend that you only create a niche page if the topic is your (life) passion. And then it works with the niche too. Suppose you are passionate about making spritz cake. You do this in different ways, have refined this hobby over the years and love to write about it ... then off to the niche. In any case, Google likes this authentic niche better than a glued-together construct without passion and greed for money.

Standard niches may be very promising, but because everyone pounces on them, not only is the competition fierce, you are also swimming with the flow again.

Earning money with your own website - how many visitors does it take?

You can make ten times more money with 10,000 visitors per month than with 100,000 visitors. Again, in my opinion, the truth is in authentic traffic. This type of visitor flow occurs when someone is specifically looking for a topic and finds you. There is a strong interest on your content. Here the attention is high, the conversion optimizes itself almost automatically. You get this traffic from search engines like Google and Co.

There are also visitors with Basic interest. These are people who click on advertisements, for example, because the topic sounds interesting. It's not what you really want now, but a good interest pastime. True to the motto:

I might also be interested in ... while I'm waiting for the bus.

read a little through the article. These visitors are of course interesting, as it is possible for this basic interest to arouse a strong desire with the intention of a purchase.

The fact is that visitors are significantly more “worth” if they already come to you with a specific search intention. Not only that the search topic is served - it also happens exactly when your visitor needs it. This traffic is very profitable. Especially if you serve them honestly and authentically, you will not only do good, but your recommendations (affiliates) and your own products will be well received.

The principle of strong interest also applies to many other areas of online business. 500 Instagram followers can be worth more than 5,000. Even with your newsletter subscribers, you will achieve more with 200 highly interested customers than with 2,000 who only signed up for a freebie.

So pay attention to your organic traffic - not just to the total traffic.

Advertising and making money - five tips

Without advertising, you will rarely earn a few euros with your website. Regardless of whether affiliate programs, paid banners or links to your own products ... something has to be advertised in order to be clicked or bought. Here are five tips and experiences that I have gathered on this topic:

Diversification is everything

Do not become dependent on an affiliate program! Often blogs are only connected to Amazon's partner network. All kinds of products are advertised and revenue is generated, but this combination is dangerous. Should Amazon accept the terms of the Changing the affiliate program to your disadvantage or even closing it will destroy your entire income with the blog from one day to the next. Use multiple affiliate partners to be more independent.

Avoid the watering can

At the end of a great post I often see links to products according to the motto:

You might be interested in that too.

In my experience, this advertisement is unsuccessful. Always expect your website visitors not to read to the end and not see this advertisement. It is better to link exactly at the point where you write about something and to write a few words about your recommendation. Like here for example:

Call to Action

As banal as it sounds, it is that simple. Challenge your reader to do something. I can still remember that I used to write often: "An interesting book on the subject is XXX."

Interesting alone - brings you no income.

Today a sentence reads like this: “An interesting book on the subject is XXX. Click here to learn more about it and to order it. "

This call to action alone gives many visitors the impulse they need to click on the link or order the product.

No more classic advertising banners

Even if they look good and can blink nicely, I have not had good experiences with classic advertising banners. One example is this banner.

On the one hand, website visitors have become "banner blind" over the years. The brain hides them almost subconsciously. In addition, there are enough tools and plug-ins that block this type of advertising and do not load it. The standard banner sizes are particularly affected.

Label your advertisement

In the meantime, the labeling of advertising content has become a hot topic. How hot this soup is, shows, for example, the article Why every Instagram post is suddenly marked as advertising. Mark all content and links that are not yourself or your own product. This is often done with an asterisk or the note advertising.


Even if it is a Q&A post, hopefully there was some information and inspiration for you. Earning money with blogging can be based on a complex construct or you can keep it simple. The simple variant, put into a few words, is: “Spend a lot of time creating good, regular content. Choose topics that you enjoy and find links to the added value of your readers. If you then install a good SEO plug-in, place links in a reader-friendly way and show perseverance for a few years, then (financial) success will not pass you by. "

I hope you enjoy creating content ... the rest will take care of itself.


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