What is the maximum water-cement ratio


As an additive to conventional cement, CIMENT accelerates FONDU® the hardening of concrete and mortar and enables faster restarting after minor work (anchoring of Masonry- or sanitary elements etc.)
Will CIMENT FONDU® Mixed with granules, used as the sole binder, the concrete offers high resistance to impacts, temperature fluctuations and various types of corrosion.


Hydraulic binder made by heating a mixture of lime and clay, which is then ground.

Product advantages:

  • quick setting in 3 to 30 minutes
  • Quick restart: reloading 6 hours after pouring
  • Use in cold weather: down to -10 ° C
  • Resistance to temperatures: depending on the granules used, 450 ° C to 1250 ° C
  • Corrosion resistance (pH ≥ 4)

Application examples:

Reveals, edges, Mortar in from cocks, fences, lintels, floors of shops, Industrial floors, BBQ areas, Chimneys, fire protection training areas, Ovens, Walls of incinerators, sewer networks, Working near the sea, agricultural buildings, food industry ...

For more information, see the instructions for use