Why does every contractor need insurance coverage

Is liability insurance necessary?

Insurance law is an important area of ​​law in the event sector. One of many questions: Do I, as an organizer, need event liability insurance?

There is one case in which liability insurance is mandatory for events: namely with one excessiveRoad use in the sense of the administrative regulation to § 29 StVO. This can be, for example, sporting events on the street (e.g. marathons, street races) or cultural events (street festivals). This insurance should cover the legal reasons for liability towards the carrier of the road construction load.

Event liability insurance necessary?

Event liability insurance is not necessary for "normal" events - but it makes sense.

My tip: get in touch with a (best specialized) insurance broker and get offers. Describe the event and your project as precisely as possible so that the provider knows everything that has to be covered by the insurance.

Usually there are damages in liability insurance

  • borrowed items (e.g. a key to the location),
  • rented items (e.g. the location, technology), and
  • Items taken into custody (e.g. the cloakroom)

Not insured or insufficiently insured, but insurable (e.g. cloakroom insurance).

Also known cases that are usually not recorded, e.g .:

  • Children's play equipment such as bouncy castles
  • the activity of an event employee as event manager according to § 38 MVStättVO

You can see how important it can be for the insurer or broker to know what you are planning - so that you get the right insurance product.

If you are looking for a contact to a specialized insurance broker, please contact me, I'll be happy to help.

Insurance obligation in the contract

Many clients require their contractor to take out liability insurance. That makes sense for everyone involved: Because the most beautiful recourse claims come to nothing if the debtor does not have enough money or insurance to compensate for the damage.

However, it is important that the contractual clause not only stipulates the obligation to conclude an insurance contract, but also proof: The contractor should not only conclude, but also prove the existence of the insurance. Otherwise it could happen that the insurance contract has already been terminated at the time of the claim.

Such a clause could be:

“The contractor is obliged to take out insurance that adequately covers possible damage. The following minimum values ​​are used as a basis: 2.5 million euros for personal injury, 2.5 million euros for property damage and 250,000 euros for financial loss. The contractor is obliged to prove the existence of the insurance to the client on request. "