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The Wall Street Journal reported, citing testimony from people familiar with the company's plans. In the so-called Lab126 - the 1 stands for the letter A in the alphabet, the 26 for the Z - hardware products have been designed for the online giant since 2014, including tablets from the Kindle Fire series and Fire TV -Settop-Box or Amazon Echo.

As part of the wave of layoffs - the exact number of laid-off employees is not known - according to the Wall Street Journal, some ongoing projects are also being crushed, including a 14-inch tablet with the project name "Cairo" and a stylus that can turn written shopping lists into digital ones . In addition, the previously two hardware departments will be combined into one. This is also intended to straighten the previously apparently rather chaotic structure in the division, reported by the Lab126 employees: Amazon allegedly repeatedly set the priorities of certain developments and thus created a bad working atmosphere. The projects that are still ongoing are to include the smart kitchen "Kabinet" with speech recognition and a tablet with a 3D screen.

The Fire Phone was officially launched last summer and initially only appeared in the US and at a fairly high price. In the following months, Amazon lowered the price and released the previously unsuccessful smartphone in other markets, and a little later the online company also admitted the lack of success. As a consequence, Amazon did not want to bring out a new Fire Phone in 2015, but whether a successor will appear at all in view of the latest developments is questionable.

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