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Videos - multimedia fine-tuning for your website

High-quality videos and images on a website are now just as important as engaging text. They loosen up the content and open up completely new possibilities for you to present yourself and your company or your club. For example, you can use a small image video invest or show your practice if you are in the medical field. If you only have the finished video on your hard drive, you can upload your video directly using the website builder. You can read how this works using the example of the STRATO modular system.

Upload a video to the website builder - instructions

Step 1: Navigate to your own files in the menu item "Content elements -> Images and videos"

After logging in in edit mode, first call up the item "Content elements" in the navigation bar and select the "Pictures and Videos" option at. Here you can see all the files that you have uploaded yourself under “My Documents”.

Step 2: Load your video file into the folder via the so-called Dropzone

Then click in the "My Documents" view on the far right on "Manage My Documents". A pop-up window opens in the foreground in which you can see all files again on the right-hand side. You can move or delete them there. In the lower left area of ​​the pop-up you will see the so-called drop zone. When you click the large box icon, a window will appear from which you can select files from your own hard drive. Make sure that your files are in mp4 format if possible - most media players can play this without any problems.

Step 3: If the file is in the drop zone, start the upload

When you have selected the correct video, click on "Open" - the window will close and you will see that a file is in the drop zone. Now select the Start button with the tick symbolto start the upload. Depending on the size of the video, this process can take a few minutes. When it is finished, you will now see the video on the right in your file view of the pop-up.

Step 4: Place the created widget for your video, which you can now find in your files, at the desired location on your site
Step 5: The system will take a few minutes to convert the video before the thumbnail can be seen

Close the pop-up and navigate again to the menu item "Content elements -> Pictures and videos -> My files". Here you can now see the widget for your uploaded video. You can now Drag and drop them into any widget-enabled area of ​​your site - For example in the content area of ​​a page between individual text sections or in the sidebar. First a small text field appears in which "Converting video" can be read and which shows the progress. When the process is complete, you will see the thumbnail, i.e. the preview image of your video.

Step 6: When you see the preview image, click the settings icon and fill in the subtitles and alt text

If you move the mouse over the preview image, three buttons appear: Here you can delete the widget, copy it to the clipboard or edit it by clicking on the setting wheel. Besides, you can assign a subtitle for your video. Also fill out the field for the alternative text: This is not displayed anywhere, but it plays an important role for search engine optimization.

Link the website builder to YouTube videos

The Strato website construction kit provides widgets for the integration of Vimeo and YouTube videos

Of course, there is also the option of embedding a YouTube video using the website builder. The website builder from STRATO its own widget ready. You can also find it in the menu item "Content elements" under "Widgets". Use drag and drop to position the widget where you want it. A placeholder appears with the YouTube logo and the message that the widget has not yet been configured. At the same time, a pop-up opens in which you can copy the YouTube link to the video you want. Then click on the settings symbol next to the input field: How to connect the system with the url of the film and a small preview image of the video will appear in the pop-up. Then click on “Apply”: You will immediately see that the video has been integrated into your site. With "OK" you close the pop-up again. If you move the mouse over the preview image of the video, an arrow appears at the bottom right. This will help you regulate the size of the video window. If you do not want to use a YouTube video, but rather video content from another platform such as Vimeo, you can use the Vimeo widget of the website construction kit, which can be configured in the same way as the YouTube widget.

Insert a video with the website builder - the various options

  • Do you want to integrate your own video from your hard drive into your modular website? To do this, first load the video into your "My Documents" folder according to our instructions.
  • In a second step, you can insert the widget that you create with it into the text or the sidebar using drag and drop - by clicking on the settings icon, you can add a caption and alternative text to the preview image.
  • If you would like to integrate a video from a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, the STRATO website construction kit provides you with two ready-made widgets.
  • All you have to do is place the widget where you want it, copy the correct link into the field provided and, if necessary, adjust the size of the preview image.
  • Tip: Most browsers can display the .mp4 file format without any problems.