Why is the price of progress anger

To my ANGRY : Zoff at the wrong time

Sandra Maria Gronewald is part of the “Drehscheibe” team. She moderates the ZDF program on a weekly basis. Ms. Gronewald, what was the most angry thing about the media this week?

Chancellor Merkel astonishes not only the moderators of the ARD interview with the sentence “On the whole, nothing went wrong”. Otherwise, the Chancellor does not reveal much new or specific information, not even a few days later with the more personal questions in the RTL interview. Conclusion: Little perspective, continued shortage of vaccines. Nevertheless, the organizer Eventim is thinking out loud about possible privileges for vaccinated people. Legitimate, but extremely bad in terms of timing, because the discussion unnecessarily fuels social turmoil (not only in social media) much too early.

Was there anything you could be happy about?
My valued TV colleague Eckart von Hirschhausen as a vaccination test person - another program on this currently seemingly omnipresent subject of vaccination! Almost heartwarming, as he does not (only) appear as a doctor, not instructive with a raised index finger. Rather, he himself is sometimes insecure and questioning, takes the audience with him, making the vaccination process more transparent. Without knowing whether he will be injected with a placebo or a vaccine himself - a price he pays for scientific progress. Thumbs up!

Which website can you recommend?
www.lehrer-schmidt.de - a win for all homeschooling sufferers. The cheerful teacher is also active as such on YouTube. I ended up on the page by accident when I failed to explain the written division with decimals. Since then I have appreciated his cheerful, very clear explanations.

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