What is the difference between hat and hat

Rules of conduct for hat wearers

With the younger generation nowadays it is completely normal for caps to stay on in lectures and cafés - because they are simply part of the outfit! From a fashion point of view, however, it is also worthwhile to deal with traditional Hat label too busy. What was considered an essential accessory for men in the 1960s is slowly coming back into fashion: the hat. Whether Borsalino, Bogart hat, pork pie or melon - hat classics are modern again and are everyone's choice really trendy. But watch out: wearing a real classic hat requires some important rules and manners that a passionate hat wearer should observe!

These are not old and dusty rules of conduct from the past, but rather stylish cultural asset. Did you know that hat etiquette makes big differences between men and women & quest; No & quest; Then watch out for our little guide!

Hats indoors

As a rule, gentlemen should immediately give theirs when entering a room Take off your hatwhat women are not required to do. But why is it actually so & quest; As is so often the case, there is a nice story from days gone by - or many more centuries.

Let's look back at that Knighthood: When men still wore armor, they took off their helmets when entering a room and thus showed confidence because the head was unprotected from that point on. Women, on the other hand, did not wear armor. Because of this, they were not a threat and were allowed to leave their headgear off. This custom has continued to this day.

However, it would be too easy if all the hat rules were clarified. Because the female gender does not have an absolute free ticket. For ladies The following applies in closed rooms:

Rules for ladies

  • You can basically keep the headgear on as long as the hat is not too big and the face is not covered
  • However, if the hat has a purely protective function, such as B. a rain or sun hat, then it should always be removed

In addition, it is of course different from event to event whether or not it is appropriate to wear a hat. In general, however, one can say: You can't go wrong if you take off your headgear.

Special features on certain occasions

There are certain deviations from the above rules, depending on the occasion. Let's start with Dining out on: In restaurants, men can also keep their hats on at the table if they are part of their traditional costume, for example at the Oktoberfest. Otherwise, the familiar etiquette applies.

At church events it depends heavily on the respective religion: In Judaism, women and men wear headgear in the church (kippah and tichel). For Christian devotions (including funerals and baptism), the Bible and tradition originally stipulate that women should cover their heads, but men should not. It is now taken for granted that a woman is allowed to visit a church without covering her. In the past, however, people kept to what Paul said: "But the woman is the reflection of the man." Thus a head covering was a sign of humility towards God. How good that today we are living in times of emancipation!

in the theatre, movie theater and in the Opera it is polite to take off your hat inside as you may block the view of others. But even if you should sit in the back row, the same applies to women and men: Hats off!

At a wedding the bride is the only one who has special rights and is allowed to leave a large hat on her head.

Wearing the hat properly

Now we've written a lot about when to take off your hat. But if you keep the hat on, it has to sit properly! Even the finest etiquette will be destroyed if the hat is too crooked or tight on the head. But don't worry, we'll be happy to explain. Let's start at A for touchdown ...

Put on your hat

  • Grab the hat by the crown with one hand
  • With the other hand, brush the hair back from your forehead
  • Put on the hat from front to back: from the hairline to the back of the head
  • The ears are lightly touched by the brim
  • The seat is firm but comfortable at the same time
  • Delicate headgear such as straw hats should be gripped by the brim with both hands to prevent the crown from deforming or breaking

In the meantime, there has also been a modern way of carrying developed: the hat is pushed up a little from the face - as Frank Sinatra has already skilfully demonstrated. In order to maintain the stylish elegance, you should not overdo this wearing variant.

To the Taking off the hat the crown can be easily grasped again.

The legendary hat greeting

Speaking of which, grabbing your hat by the crown and lifting it: When two old-school hat wearers meet outdoors, they greet each other with their hats - one chic traditionthat a real hat owner must have on it. There are three common options:

1. Lose weight
2. Ventilate
3. Tap

The most formal way is that Lose weight of the hat (pulling the hat), which once again has its origins in the age of knights. Even back then, it was a sign of respect when you take off your knight's helmet to greet you and show: “I come in peace & OpenCurlyDoubleQuote ;.

If an encounter only takes place in passing, it is enough to put on your hat "Ventilate & OpenCurlyDoubleQuote;. The hat is briefly grasped by the crown with one hand and lifted off the head.

Finally, probably the most casual, but also the most informal greeting: that Tap the brim. The brim of the hat is gripped with forefinger and thumb and done with a nod - very popular with a fedora hat.

So that you are not irritated if someone leaves their hat on anyway: If you wear Uniforms the lower rank takes off the headgear and the higher rank leaves it on. An officer is therefore not rude, but simply aware of his rank.

Classic hats for everyone

Now that you know how fashion-conscious hat wearers behave ... how about a hat classic & quest; Hats from the 20s to the 60s spice up every outfit Style and elegance on. Finally, we would like to introduce you to some classics before we release you into the big wide world of hat fashion.

Borsalino hats

The Borsalino brand is known around the world and has stood for handcrafted and noble hats since 1857. They are made of precious materials such as Beaver or rabbit hair, and thus have water and dirt repellent properties. The most famous porters were Winston Churchill, Marlon Brando and the gang boss Al Capone. Characteristic of the original Borsalino are its brim, which is bent downwards at the front, indentations on both sides in the hat crown and a wide hat band.

Bogart hats

The Bogart hat is in no way inferior to the Borsalino: With the hat brim bent down at the front, the Bogart hat was made in honor of its famous wearer Humphrey Bogart that made it his trademark.

Pork pie hats

The pork pie was named after the English dish, which is called pork pie in German and is very similar in shape to the pork pie. Flat, plate-shaped and with a small brim, the hat classic is particularly popular today younger generation carried.

Bowler hats

The bowler hat is particularly popular in England and has a rounded shape with a short brim. Today this hat shape is above all in equestrian sport but is also being rediscovered in the fashion world.

That should be enough as inspiration for you first. Have you already decided on a hat classic & quest; In any case, we would be very happy if you did this stylish tradition take it into your wardrobe and carry on with it. Have fun trying!