What will Sarah Huckabee Sanders do next

Trump's spokeswoman Sanders leaves : Who doesn't take the facts too seriously

One can imagine how a regular White House Press Briefing would have gone on the news. As long as this daily information for the media was still available in the press room of the US headquarters. Donald Trump has announced that he would use "information from abroad about my opponents" - meaning dirty campaign ammunition - of course. And that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, his loyal spokeswoman, quit her job.

Trump said goodbye to them with a heartfelt tweet that involuntarily shows the challenge it is to speak for this president and explain his communication. "After three and a half years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and returning to her great home state of Arkansas."

Three and a half years in the White House? Trump moved in there in January 2017, not quite two and a half years ago. Sanders has been the spokesperson for 23 months, before that she worked in the team of her unhappy predecessor, Sean Spicer. In a press briefing on the following day, anyone who is familiar with the earlier processes can imagine that questions about campaign ammunition from abroad and the danger of war in the Persian Gulf after the attacks on two merchant ships would have dominated.

But the spokeswoman would also have been confronted with questions about how to classify the president's tweet. Did he make a mistake? Does his time in the White House seem so long that he wastes a whole year? Did she talk to him about the mistake - and what does he say about it? The White House reporters tried to come up with a quote from which a story could be made in ever new variations.

Certainly, many would probably have liked to read a story like this in the newspaper or heard it on the radio. "Have you heard what Trump said again?" On the one hand. On the other hand, the trend of attaching importance to such stories as the news of far greater scope - threat of war in the Gulf, questionable and possibly illegally procured ammunition for the next presidential campaign - contributed to the White House decision not to have this type of briefing Sacrifice spokeswoman. Instead, it should take care of inquiries from the media, which the government believes have more substance and seriousness.

The thinning of the official press questionnaire, bordering on abolition - the "New York Times" puts it: "Mrs. Sanders effectively killed the daily briefing" - will remain inextricably linked with her name. There used to be the White House Press Briefings on most days. They set the rhythm of political news in Washington. They were canceled when the President made a speech. "Message Control": No other appearance by a government official should distract from it. Or when he was traveling and the speaker was with him.

"God Willed Donald Trump to Become President"

After the chaotic and confrontational experience with Trump's first spokesman Spicer, the White House Press Corps was initially relieved when Sanders took over in June 2017. She gained respect for her calm and sociable manner. But soon relationships with her deteriorated again because Trump regularly abused the media and she was loyal to him and his words. Sanders wasn't just a spokesperson. She became one of his closest confidants and a consultant. Her interview statement is unforgettable: "God wanted Donald Trump to be President."

On several occasions she was not so strict about the factual loyalty. She claimed, for example, that there were many in the FBI who welcomed Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey. When the media asked, they couldn't prove it. In the Congressional investigation into the circumstances, she withdrew the statements entirely. You made a promise in the heat of the moment.

In another briefing, she further denied that Trump had paid the $ 130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep her silent about her alleged affair with him. Trump had now admitted that. It is obviously not that easy to stay up to date with this president, who keeps changing his portrayals, which version of a story is currently the officially valid one.

The incidents scratched Sander's credibility

And then Sanders was at the center of the drama about CNN reporter Jim Acosta. The White House had withdrawn his accreditation after an offensive appearance at a Trump press conference. A judge decided he had to get her back.

All of this scratched Sander's credibility. But when the mostly self-confident and sometimes self-righteous appearing White House reporters asked for their "credibility", they usually went over to the counterattack: In the eyes of the citizens, she was more trustworthy than the media representatives.

The heated verbal battles in the press room increased, the regularity of the briefings decreased. At the turn of the year 2018/19 there were 41 days without a briefing, in February / March 42 days. On Thursday, Sanders set a new record with 94 days.

Opportunities for questions arose only by chance and mostly under provisional conditions in the open air on the access road on the north side of the White House. There, the television cameras of the major broadcasters are on a strip of lawn, and there reporters intercepted Sanders on their way to the camera of Trump's favorite channel "Fox News", the only one to whom she regularly answered questions.

Whoever follows her has not yet said Trump

Trump has not yet said who should speak for him when Sanders leaves at the end of June. He's probably still looking. The post of communications director is also vacant. There are some who find such a job in the spotlight appealing. But the experiences of the predecessors, some of which only lasted a few weeks, are off-putting. Not to mention the time and physical stress.

Sanders, 36, says she needs more time to spend with her family and children. "There is no more important job than that of a mother." Trump has called after her to run for governor in her home state of Arkansas. Her father, Mike Huckabee, held it from 1996 to 2007. The post is currently filled until 2022. The Republican Asa Hutchinson has only just been elected for a second term.

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