What is a what-if question

What happened if…? The agonizing question

Each of us has asked this question before: What if ...? Did I make a wrong decision? What if I had made a different decision at some point in my life. How would my life have been, would I have become happier?

In the last few months the question “What if ...?” Has moved me a lot. As you know, I had been unhappy with my job for a long time, knowing that my creativity was all but dead and with many other factors in my life. Since I made the decision to give my life a new direction, I've been happier. Not every second of my life, I also have grief, fears and worries but inside of me is this certainty that the path I am now on is my heart's path.

Why didn't I go earlier, break these old patterns earlier? Would I have been happier then? I also spoke about this topic with Anna in our interview at the timeDance to happinessspoken. Your statement on the “What if….” Thoughts: “You can never assume that if something better had happened at one point, something would not have gone completely wrong at a later point. For me, that was the point where I put the "what if ..." thoughts aside and reconciled myself with my past. The change is happening in the present, “I was very inspired. She is right. If our thoughts are always in our past, we forget to enjoy the here and now.

You can find the interview here: Dance to happiness

Learn to trust

Many people have difficulty making decisions for fear that those decisions may be wrong. I also come across this point again and again in my life. I know where the path should lead, but sometimes things get in the way, life makes a few detours or runs in other directions. When a decision has to be made in which we might have to deviate from our originally planned path, we are often overwhelmed by it.

What we should always be aware of: We never know beforehand how our decision will turn out, whether it will ultimately be right or wrong. This only becomes apparent over time. It is important that we make a decision that we stand behind. It doesn't matter what others think or advise you. Make the decision that YOU are most comfortable with. Trust that everything will turn out the way it is right, as long as you are happy in the moment of your decision and can stand behind it. Even if it ultimately turns out to be wrong, you followed your feeling and that can never be wrong. You should therefore not ask yourself the "what if ..." question.

I can highly recommend the book Heart Mind, which describes how we manage to make the right decisions from the heart. Click here for the book *:

Shape experiences

All experiences that we have in our life, be they positive or negative, shape us. If we hadn't done this, we wouldn't be the people we are today. Especially the bad experiences teach us so much and make us authentic. I followed my dreams very late, but who knows if it would have been good to do it all a few years earlier. I probably just needed those experiences in between to be who I am today and that goes for each of us.

We cannot change decisions that we made in the past, you cannot turn history backwards, so why torment yourself with the "what if ..." thoughts. Let's say to ourselves: “I may not always have made the right decisions in my life. But I've always followed my heart and my path has made me who I am today. Good things sometimes need a little more time. "

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