Who sings the song please forgive me

song search (Stop it's the mother ....)

26.11.2004 19:26
can someone help me .. i heard a song the other day. it started with "stop it's the motherf *** er remix", but i have no idea what this song is called ..
26.11.2004 19:31
Music genre?
web / male voice?
26.11.2004 19:34
26.11.2004 19:44
Terror Squad feat. Eminem & Lil 'Jon
Lean Back (remix) !!!
26.11.2004 19:48
@lady s.
listen to Terror Squad's "Lean Back" !!!
do not know the chart placement!
26.11.2004 19:50
ah thank you ... i will do it !!!
26.11.2004 19:51
You're welcome!
sounds almost the same, doesn't it lady s.?
26.11.2004 20:05
ah exactly, that's it !!!!! thank you a thousand times!!!!!!!! : D
26.11.2004 22:50
I also heard a song recently. It was in Italian, something with "le canzoni le mie piu belle" or something and something with "sentimenti". The singer wasn't Italian (according to the pronunciation). There was a music program on Swiss television at the beginning of November, when I heard the song for the first time. Does anyone know what the singer or the song is called?
02.12.2004 12:45
;) Hi! What is the name of the artist and what is the name of the song?

Everything is not always the way you want it to be
life always plays its own game
but I had a comrade
who stood faithfully by my side.
I don't know why he died
why he left me don't ask me
the tears stayed on my face.

And one last greeting to your grave
of me your friend and comrade
the memory remains.
One last greeting to your grave
of me your friend and comrade
there remains a look back.

We went through thick and thin together
You loyally by my side in wind and storm,
no way was too far for you.
And if I was unlucky you would bring me luck
You went to hell and back with me
You were a part of me.

One last greeting to your grave
of me your friend and comrade
the memory remains.
One last greeting to your grave
of me your friend and comrade
there remains a look back.

And time heals the wounds
you forget the pain
but you will never fade from my heart.
You were my best comrade
there is still pain at your grave
but we will meet again
and break new ground.

One last greeting to your grave
of me your friend and comrade.
02.12.2004 16:13
??? ??? ???
Please help me ...
recently heard a song on Viva Swizz
Text part (refrain): "you little, you little, you little always there for me"
Isch en brüünleche Schwiizer singer .... please help me ... I really don’t have any clue .. it’s running a lot on viva .. knows who it’s called and how it’s called ???
thank you in advance ...
02.12.2004 19:16
hi Guys
can someone help me, looking for a song by john and something else .. i don't know any more.
the song is called "just to love you" has a bit of R&B style.
Please report very urgently, thank you .............
03.12.2004 09:44
johnny k. this is "my best comrade" from the german group sleipnir. I am happy if I could help you.
04.01.2005 16:16
@johnny k.

the song is, as saruern rightly says, from "sleipnir". after the album "my best comrade" was indexed, it is now only included on the album "war crimes" vin "sleipnir" .................
08.08.2006 23:33
I need help!
I once heard a song in the h & m ...
and it's a man's voice and it's a slow song, please help me
09.08.2006 00:49
Asher Lane - New days
09.08.2006 08:29
Hello tame

Be in Grüsch on the polenta - jam gsi. Ond dör het en hiphop group us the CH s song "VIVA" gsonge. Cha mer about saw how the band is called?

20.08.2006 22:25
Hey guys !!! I'm looking for a house song that sounds about like the halloween song !!! please help me! Ciao alex
22.10.2006 12:58
hello.I'm urgently looking for a song. because someone always sings uh uh uh uhh .. and in the refrain something with don`t let you .. don`t let you ..
yes not that much information but if someone knows please help.
06.12.2006 13:49
hello tame, last heard a song in town it was a bit slow, sounds a lot like the "patience" of take that, but in the chorus he always sings a little higher "to be" who knows this song :);) : '(
21.12.2006 09:16
Can someone tell me who the song is from: ehm the text goes like this: you're unbelievable ...
Unfortunately, I do not know any more...
21.12.2006 11:42
could be "unbelievable" by EMF (1990)! at least the first thing that comes to mind
21.12.2006 11:47
i'm always looking for a song. it is an instrumental piece, sounds like a mixture of the theme from magnum (series) and theme from shaft ..
sounds like alan parsons or something like that .. ???
would be great if someone can find out ... THANKS
21.12.2006 12:06
@ leo: maybe it's chasing cars from snow patrol.
love greetings leni
21.12.2006 16:13
HEY LeutZ ..._ so an important question: ??? What is the name of the house, techno song that runs in the background to Bushido's Sonnenbank Flavor part 2 MIX ???
Thank you ^^ !!!! in advance !; I'm sure someone knows it!
29.12.2006 01:44
I'm looking for a song ...
there sings so n man ... i'm a loose baby, so why don't you kill me or something ... would be really nice if someone knew
thx in advance babaaai *
01.01.2007 12:46
you got me everytime
Strange strange strange

01.01.2007 13:21
hello i'm looking for the song is rock style, in the song is the text
Let my see your strift or something like this: - /
Hello, maybe someone can help me looking for a song is house music and a man sing and then always in your eyes and further maybe someone can help
10.01.2007 18:03
@ doris der sängr is eros ramazzotti, i know that but i forgot the title

but look for a song yourself, which is from the 70's (I think it can also be from the 50's) and the chorus actually always only goes oh na ne na na na na, ne na na na, na na naaaaaa
is really damn old
15.01.2007 15:12
I've been desperately looking for two titles for about 3 years now, both of them are oldies
one has im
Refrain: To much love is not enaught
was of the opinion it was from Matchbox but has not found it until today
the second has in the
Refrain: its on a baby bomm we have .....

Does anyone know who these two songs are and what the title is. ???
21.01.2007 15:33
hey people i'm looking for a song that is very old !!!!! it is an r & b song that contains the following line: "baby i wanna know whatever's on your mind you make it all come true if you walk with me tonight .. .. "
so people would be really superrrrr if you could help me because I've been really looking for this song for about 3 years !!!!!!!
21.01.2007 16:17
that's clearly boys 2 men with roll with me;)
27.01.2007 10:03
01.02.2007 21:48
can someone help me?!?! the text goes something like this ...: your ass and your legs we men only think of one i want to fuck with you !!!! what is the name of the song or the interpreter .... please help me ....
03.02.2007 15:21
does someone know a disco song that always goes like this in the refrain: mh na na na na na na na ni yeah, na na na na na naaa
actually has a whole corner of text but I only know: ... is to be together ... I'll be porous if I get it out soon, please help me
12.02.2007 22:43
someone knows like the interpreter of the song, in that the refrain is "Monika, you forgive me, please, what I'm doing ...".
20.02.2007 19:32

I'm looking for the song from the new cinema commercials (Cineplex)
That is the opening credits where you can see the 3 girls sitting there crying and finally the rocker who "only has something in mind" =) Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.
??? ??? :-/
who knows what the song of nirvana is called that at the end of the film "Three Kings" is shown ????
29.03.2007 22:22
hy jamaican,

should they be here:
# "Top of the World"
by The Juliana Theory

# "Stuck in America"
by Sugarcult

# "Let's get Def"
by Kennedy
29.03.2007 22:38
29.03.2007 23:17
hy clarise,

are you sure about nirvana and three kings? the songs in the film are actually performed by u2, public enemy, rare earth, snap, plastic bertrands, the beach boys, eddy murphy and chicago

are you confusing something? : - / ???
hello can anyone send me the songs from american pi5 ??

and one more question I've already submitted such a question twice, but if I want to shy away from whoever answered me, I can't get in anymore, am I doing something wrong ???

Please reply
06.04.2007 14:11
@ Deposit ... no, that's right, it's from nirvana un means, in my opinion, simply "looser" ...
15.04.2007 14:02
21.04.2007 22:12
Find a song.
a woman is singing
Touch me
Unfortunately, I do not know any more
goes more in the house direction
Just know that believe the spot song (commercial song)
from the Multivision sunbed is (Ergoline)
mhmmm there he always runs.
But they couldn't tell me either.
02.05.2007 12:40
can someone please tell me the songs !!!? = ??
29.05.2007 17:15
does someone know a disco song that always goes like this in the refrain: mh na na na na na na na ni yeah, na na na na na naaa
actually has a whole corner of text but I only know: ... is to be together ... I'll be porous if I get it out soon, please help me
01.06.2007 01:16
@ liildiiamond

1. "Let's Get It On" Performed by Marvin Gaye ==========================
The rest, in my opinion, is:

2. "News International - Sting 2" Composed by Terry Devine-King
3. "Down, Down, Down" Performed by Gabriel Mann
4. "Say Goodbye" performed by Everybody Else
5. "Freedom" performed by The White Heat
6. "It's All About The Rock" performed by White Demons
7. "Go" performed by LeeTown
8. "Absolutely Wasted" performed by Sporting Riff-Raff
9. "Freak-A-Leek" performed by K-Lein
10. "I Wish" performed by Skee-Lo
11. "Go Hard" performed by Kel Spencer
12. "On The Run" performed by Classic
13. "Wey" performed by Tre Jaqun
14. "That's What Dreams Are Made Of" Performed by 2 Clicks Down
15. "Scratch" performed by Allister
16. "Stuck In America" ​​Performed by Sugarcult
17. "Here We Go" performed by The Grand Skeem
18. "I'm Gonna Make You Sweat" Performed by Al Sheez
19. "Sucka MCs" Performed by The Grand Skeem
20. "Got To Give It To 'Em" Performed by Lexicon
21. "Swing Baby Swing" Performed by The DNC
22. "Let's Get Def" performed by Kennedy
23. "Candy Store" Performed by Miss Eighty 6
24. "Devilz Badvocate" performed by Dastardly / Focus
25. "Hands To Tha Pump" performed by Da Diggler
26. "Ain't No Game" performed by Basko
27. "Everybody Get Crazy Now" performed by The STL of The DNC
28. "Getting Hot In Here" Performed by Josh Henderson
29. "Check Out The Sound" performed by Boomish
30. "Perfect" performed by Remi J.
31. "Let's Go Home" performed by The Drop
32nd "Birthday Song" Performed by Ben Lee
33. "RU Ready" Performed by AD
34. "We're At The Top Of The World" performed by The Juliana Theory

I'm looking for the song "Let's get def" if someone can help me> icq: 415369359<>
17.06.2007 21:14
does anyone know a disco song that always goes like this in the refrain: mh na na na na na na na ni yeah, na na na na na naaa
actually has a whole corner of text but I only know: ... is to be together ... I'll be porous if I get it out soon, please help me

19.08.2007 17:06
: D hee people are looking for Hip Hop track. It sounds something like this in the chorus:

uuh we na na na nanana
24.08.2007 23:56
hello, i'm looking for the na na song too ... i know that it's from summer 06 already
11.09.2007 16:01
hey it's me again ^^

looking for a song again, here is the link, it appears in it all the time .... do you know its name and who it is from ??? please for quick help

thanks in advance

here the link:

24.09.2007 22:50
I'm also looking for the song with the woman in the chorus! "na na na na naaaaa" this is a techhouse remix and the woman is probably an old song of hers! i must have the song just think about which techno song a woman always says na na na na na in the chorus !!! thanks!!!

sorry el grecco that's not it! just like it doesn't
Gala - Freed From Desire
David Tavare feat. 2 Eivissa - Hot Summer Night (Oh La La La)

but is very similar to the two! in the tone like "hot summer night" but the voice I mean is nicer!
and she doesn't do la la la special na na na na!

04.10.2007 13:42
I'm looking down down down from gabriel mann can someone help me bitttttttttttttttttttttttte
??? ??? ???
07.01.2008 16:22
14.01.2008 16:32
can someone tell me how this techno song is called in the refrain it always works: we know what you want ... we got it ... !! ?? ???
16.01.2008 15:59
Looking for a techno house remix song or something and in it comes the passage "fly away .... am fly away" or "try away am try away" I think it's a techno version of the old song you know that must have that !? ??? ; D

Please help!
18.01.2008 16:19
Hey I'm looking in song is not new !!
In the video clip at the end the singer becomes a statue and a man comes back to life (he was a statue)
can someone tell me who sings the song?

24.01.2008 21:18
@Mark: Try it with The Disco Boys: "What you want". Faced the same problem - solved! ;)
25.01.2008 13:50
hi people look for one at three kings where they run into the bunker and one of them offers a radio and he replies that the shit is the song's custom;)
03.02.2008 13:33
Hi I'm looking for a song where something is sung with "symphony composed to you by me" !!!! Sounds a bit like from the 70s
15.02.2008 16:49
hey i'm also looking for the nananana song urgently - does someone already know it ??? you would really be of help to me! lg
Gwen Stefani feat. Eve - Rich Girl from left
16.03.2008 17:39
Hi I'm looking for a song in the chorus came "Hello hello ...." female voice so Rockpop I don’t know I heard it on the radio station I don’t know anymore either.

Would be cool if I could be helped.

26.03.2008 17:28
@ penabaza:
Unfortunately it is not.

Thanks anyway.

am still looking who can help me ?? Haven't heard it since then either.
06.04.2008 17:10
I'm urgently looking for a song that is already older and a woman is singing: uh baby (uh baby) your love is so crazy ... and in frfrain a man sings something that sounds like: Parmesan, Parmesan, Parmesan. .. xD
06.04.2008 17:40
@ Pickles

This is from the Singing Cooks and the title is Lasagne; D
I swear in case 8-)
14.04.2008 19:37
HE PEOPLE EVERYONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR THE SONG "Mh na na na na ni jea .." .. I HAVE .... DAVID TAVARE .... "Summerlove" :-)
15.04.2008 21:59
So hello

I'm looking for an instrumental version of Natalia Barbu - Fight without vocals. does anyone know what? Thanks in advance.

greetings frieder
26.04.2008 18:40
Hi I'm looking for a song in the chorus came "Hello hello ...." female voice so Rockpop I don’t know I heard it on the radio station I don’t know anymore either.

Would be cool if I could be helped.
27.05.2008 20:54
I'm looking for free tabs for Sleipnir: My best comrade, does anyone happen to have something in stock?
Would be great, please help me
07.09.2008 18:38
Hey people have an urgent question

have heard on radio son classiger
and don't know the band and the title

but something like that occurs in the text

uuuh baby, shes make me oh crazy

everytime I'm looking for

hope someone can help me
07.09.2008 19:43
Hey guys,
hope someone can help me, I am desperate here.
I'm looking for the song that runs from 2:08 - 2:22 in this video. (where the goalkeeper holds the ball)


Hope you can help me
23.04.2009 17:33

I ABSOLUTELY need the tabs for time to go from sleipnir !!!!!
pleaseee !! you would do me a big favor !!
(you can also send it to me in the truck (victor brown))

one must have heard it isn a hammer song!
29.04.2009 23:35
Okay, it's not that busy here, but I'll try my luck. I'm looking for a song that I would put in the hip hop category is sung by a male person. 'Here we go' or something similar is sung in the chorus. I think the song would be suitable for breakdancing if that helps.

Thank you in case you get any answers. :)
01.05.2009 23:06
: D important ^^
I actually have no idea about the text,
but there always comes ... go crazy ...
sounds like I think we go on crazy ... or something like that ...
is hip hop and actually knows everyone if he knows the rhythm
02.05.2009 06:43
@ t1n0

Pitbull ft. Lil 'Jon - Krazy

02.05.2009 11:56
@iSVEN damn I love you: D

daaaaaanke ... you think garnich as I've already racked my brain about it xD

thanks again ;)
14.05.2009 20:43
Hello you!!!

I think I'm looking for a song by NIRVANA very urgently.
In any case something like this occurs in the text: "Silence is not the way, we need to talk about it"

Hope you can help me!!!

14.05.2009 20:53
25.05.2009 17:48

Hi guys
Yesterday at a festival I heard a techno song where a man was always singing Na na na na ´he he he he he and then the beat started again! and that went on the whole time!
Thanks for your help
1. Well, the second a little higher then the kick again a little higher and the 4th again the starting tone. and with the immediately following he he he he he is exactly the same! It would be great if you could help me! Thanks to you
; D; D
11.06.2009 20:19
So I'm looking for a song, house direction.
Is played quite often in discos. Then a man sings "Got to give it you up, got to give ..." at least that way.
And later he sings very high: "ouuuuuuuu, don't you know ...." I don't know any further.
please help me. Fast!!!
09.07.2009 10:51
does anyone know the lyrics of let's get def ??? Please please
09.07.2009 10:51
does anyone know the lyrics of let's get def ??? Please please
21.07.2009 14:34
Hello, so who still know what the song is called in which Parmesan;) is sung all the time.
Here: The song is from OMC - How Bizarre

Greetings from Germany
02.02.2010 02:53
looking for a song but only know one chorus: if everbody ... party .... sexy charty .... nard hardy these words come before habs heard somewhere in the background so i can't remember the full chorus exactly ???
02.02.2010 05:11
I'm looking for a relatively hard electro song, very synth-heavy, a female voice always sings "dance dance dance" and then comes a distorted male voice that makes "ou" ^^ I can't describe it better = (can someone help me? LG
24.12.2010 02:58
Does anyone still know this one song it was played 4-5 years ago in the clubs i don't have a plan anymore who it could be but it always reminded me of breakdance music.

na na, nananana na na, nananana na, na, nananana
02.02.2011 12:31
can someone help me. lately I've always been listening to a song on nrj that a man sings and the chorus or maybe not the chorus, but in any case he always sings baby i love you .. and then something else. does anyone know what the song is called or who it is from?
thank you for your help.
30.06.2011 15:40
I have been looking for the guitar chords for "Time to Go" from Sleipnir for some time now. I hope someone can help me
18.11.2012 22:05