What do college seniors do

During the Corona period I taught well over 100 course participants ONLINE.

With the use of a computer you make your life easier and you stay on the ball. Be amazed how easy the PC or notebook is to use and enjoy how you can reach your goal in no time.
They have been around for 10 yearsIntensive colleg in the senior college.
With only € 55 per month you stay on the ball with us and don't miss any innovations in computers / programs, tablets and phones.
You book this course for six months in a fixed I-Colleg and benefit from working together in the group and from making new friends.
Practicing together is a nice part of these courses. In the I-Collegs we take care of your personal problem solutions and are available for any questions. Repetition of what has been learned comes first, further training comes second.
You learn at your own pace in the group and have the opportunity to practice and exchange ideas with like-minded people.
Let yourself be "picked up" where you are knowingly at the moment.
We use a language that you really understand. You are sure to have fun in our groups, because we also like to have time for personal matters.
OurI-college groupsComputer and smartphone as well as I-Phoneare currently fully booked.

For SEPTEMBER 2021 we will be happy to accept your registration by the end of June.

Events:A personal interview is required for your personal course assessment.
I-Colleg courses are available for computers and smartphones and tablets.